Sidris, how did you get your skills?

Sidris is a visionary

who first creates his world in immaterial reality and then lets it manifest into the material reality we all know. He leads the Ruler of the Force and motivates thousands of people to consciously live a happy life. His optimism and energy are contagious.

“With astral travel, you can easily create your own world. We are much further than what is written in previous texts, where astral travel serves as a means of movement independent of space. We know much more and we can use it in practice. Let's learn all about astral travel and what it means practically to be the Ruler of the Force and to consciously create your world. "

Sidris, how did you get your skills?

... people often ask me ... I answer that in life we get what we really want and do. And I wanted to know where I was, what forces surrounded me and how to Create through them. And the result?

My wife and I are Patrons of the Rulers of the Force, we lead Guides of the Rulers of the Force, and with many Rulers of the Force we create this world.

We gain out of the body experiences, safely teach the ability to get out of the body by out of the body travel, and organize a nationwide Astral Travel Workshop.

Through regression therapy, we accompany those interested in past lives and help with communication with the dead.

I have known the intangible world since childhood, so in my youth I learned to control my mind perfectly and to travel out of body. I got to know the world of the dead and other spheres. In our lectures I teach people the phenomenon of death and astral travel, but above all use the experience here in matter, as well as for the knowledge of higher realms.

How did I manage to acquire skills?

Year 1994; at age 8 I got a lot of force from past lives and knowledge of the astral world. 

1996, 10 years, I learn about people with paranormal abilities. I'm determined: If they can do it, so can I, teach me! 

1997, 11 years: Reading at that time all available literature on experiments with telekinesis, transmission of ideas at a distance and encounters with the spirits of the dead

1998, 12 years: As a 6th grade elementary school student I move an object hung in a closed glass with the help of my mind.

2000, 14 years: At the school time, I performed more than 20 telepathic exercises with my colleagues, during which 17 were completely fulfilled. The telepathic commands of the elementary school teacher were simple sequences: "Go to the board, then close the left side, then go to the left aisle and pick up a tennis ball on the table, then throw it to the ground, then walk around the class and then go back to the teacher table and slam the table with a class book several times ". It was interesting how one can control a part of the mind when people concentrate on interpreting the subject …

2004, 17 years: Collision on skis, waking up in the hospital, inability to move the body for a short time. The realization comes that we are not the body, but it is our means. It is said that there are people who stand out from the body, I decided that I wanted to be in this society! That's why I practice and ask the Universe for help, thanks to which the result will come a year later.

2005, 18 years: The first conscious exit from the physical body with the help of my soul, the astral body. 

2005 - 2007, 19 - 21 years: Series of experiments with visits to friends, where although the material body is lying on the bed at home, the astral body can travel mentally and spiritually literally anywhere and experience and perceive situations in a very real way. After the subsequent return to the material body, interpret the experiences with details that confirm the real experience. Remote conversations, tasks, reading files, thought processes.

2007, 21 years: Meeting in the temple of God, I stand at the door to Heaven, I experience, I do not enter. I'm beginning to understand that humans really have differently and collectively created astral worlds. Christian, hermetic, Buddhist, ...

2006 - 2011, 20- 25 years: Meetings with key people and guides.

2009, 23 years: The experience of the Divine SELF in astral space 

2010, 24 years: Understanding of NOTHING, realizing the transience of all actions, experiencing a loving moment. 

2010, 24 years: The first successful cancer treatment. Successful action to change Destiny. 

2004 - 2015, 18 - 25 years: Everyday out of body travel, initially astral, later mental for the purpose of knowing the higher realms, as well as information from the material world for the general public. It was an important period when I could help many people, but it was very difficult, because I traveled out of the body most of the time, so I was absorbed in the higher realms. After this time comes the use of astral force on the material plane and lectures in the halls near Charles Bridge. From this moment on, you can see for yourself that astral travel is the knowledge of life beyond the material body thanks to our workshops and the direct guide to astral travel HERE.

2011 - 2015, 25 - 29 years: Help with the exorcism of the dead from residences through loving out of body conversations and understanding of the afterlife. Knowledge of the spheres behind the astral, behind the mental, behind nothingness, behind the universe, behind the created. Knowledge of the great Consciousness. And we go back to the matter to create.

To top it all off, I should add that when I was 6, in 1992, I was regularly visited by neutral beings. They never did anything, they were just with me and thanks to them I got used to a slightly different world, which followed me until 2004 through physical accompanying perceptions, shaking glasses in the presence of beings and walking creatures around the apartment with completely real sounds and perceptions.

I helped friends, travelers, worked in family houses, farms, real estate agencies, led the cleansing of the city archives, production areas and wellness. Overall, I have successfully helped thousands of people, and even more so beings. My mission is to convey an awareness of what life is.

In 2015, I started many events, workshops and therapies with my wife Terí Sidris, but above all we started the journey of the Ruler of the Force. Gradually over the course of the year we learnt how to control telepathy, telekinesis, feel the Force, communicate with beings, be ourselves in our destiny, which we then take over completely under our will and go through life as the Ruler of the Force, matter, astral spheres, mental and know higher realms.

2017, 30 years:  I used to teach students practical astral travel for a year, then three days, now with Teri Sidris in just a few hours. All thanks to the Worskhop of astral travel.

2019, 32 years: We are fully leading the path of the Ruler of the Force, together with our loved ones, and we are creating a Loving World with nine great people. Private therapies are taken over by experienced therapists Martin Azgariel Pacalaj. We are launching the online course of Astral Travel in the Czech Republic, which helps new out-of-body travelers to get to know what is behind matter.

2020, 33 years: The he Ruler of the Force portal in the Czech Republic runs with many Rulers of the Force, Astral Travel course is launched in English-speaking countries. Slovak is ready and we are preparing Russian translations.

What can we do together?

In Ruler of the Force, we create a safe space where you will discover how to take the next steps ...

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