What is after death - understanding of a seven-year-old daughter

I was building a puzzle with our seven-year-old daughter when she suddenly, by the way, asked me:

"Mom, who will die first in our family? Grandma's old now, will she? ”I looked up from the scattered pieces and looked at my daughter, who was still looking for the right piece with icy calmness to fill the empty space in the middle of the puzzle.

Her question sounded completely natural as if she were asking me what would we eat for dinner tonight.

"Leontýnko, this doesn't matter the age. No one knows when we will die and how long we will be here on Earth.”  Apparently, she was fascinated by my answer and she looked into my eyes.

"And what is it like after death?" 
"Leo, it's exactly the same as here and now. It's just that the rules of space don't apply there… ", I wanted to continue, but Lea jumped into my speech:

"Will we be angels?" 
"Yes, if you want, we will be angels. You can be there whatever you want. " 
"Are there no rules?" 
"No - you can do whatever you want there, and everything will happen right away."
"Then I want to be an angel. But also with you. Will you wait for me there? Is it possible? ”
"Yes, I'll wait for you."

She could be seen to be a little saddened to realize that I would die before she did. I immediately went on.

"And what are we going to do there together like angels?" 
"We'll go to the naughty kids, but only at night." 
"Because when a naughty child sees an angel telling them to be nice, they obey it. Each child obeys the angel who appears in their room. Like me, I listen to mine. We can help a lot of children in this way. "
“Sounds good, but why not go during the day? There would be a greater chance that children would not be afraid of us. You know, we can be scared even of an angel, if it just shows up in our room. Can you imagine that? You just change into your pajamas and suddenly a big angel is standing next to you. That scares everyone. "  
I gesture and we both laugh out loud. The mood is very loving and there is not even a trace of fear of death.

"Well, yes, but the children can handle it. We have to walk at night because if an adult sees us, they can't handle it. The children may be frightened, but they will immediately start talking to the angel. But it could be a bad experience for an adult. Ordinary adults don't understand. " 
"You're right. Then they call and write to us, to take such beings and angels away from the apartment. ” 
"So you see - We have to walk at night and watch out for adults. Mom? ” 
It was obvious that Lea was thinking a lot about something. 

"Someone thinks there is nothing after death. Or that there is hell or paradise. But you say there are no rules. " 
"No, Leo, the rules aren't really there, and everyone can experience what they want." 
"Ah, so if someone wants rules and restrictions there, they'll have them."
Very clear and short statement. Such a tone that you hear from children, when they have already understood everything, and they do not intend to talk to you on this topic anymore.

It was with great astonishment that I looked at my seven-year-old daughter, and I had no choice but to say:
"Yes, that's right.", and go assemble the puzzle again. 
Little by little build the overall picture until the last tile fits. 


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