Experience the evidence for yourself that Astral Travel exists!

With a common mind, we can only lightly believe that something outside of our normal perception exists. But we may want more. Just as I wanted and gained it through a firm will. But I like to confirm everything in the changes on the material plane - and each practitioner must also prove this to himself..

Let's experiment with forces

Probably the hardest part was starting with telekinesis and then taking the biggest step, which was astral travel. It's such a big step, one just has to give in to trust in something - nature, the flow of life, God ... I practiced and really believed for 5 months ... I just practiced for another 3 months, and the next month I was grinding from the last - both from practice and faith.

Let's make a firm decision, regardless of the result

In the ninth month, I made an inner decision like never before. It either simply exists or it doesn't! I want it! And ... I decided. This was followed by such a strong and real exit from the body by the astral body that these experiences can be completely compared as if we were walking next to our body and at the same time everything was completely real !!! It's the same! Only the body lies safe and functional in itself on the bed ... Except that space as such is now just a concept, not an obstacle.


An appropriate step to relax and gain first knowledge is to experience regression therapy. However, we do not all experience it in the same way. From my own observations I must say that only 30% have a very deep state of absolute immersion in the perception of the current of the world - collective unconsciousness ... another 30% of travelers have deeper experiences, 20% completely shallow and the remaining 20% cannot give up their physical body security and mind.

Real out of the body travel changes the perspective on life

Human, traveler, through these experiences gains something so strong and different that it is comparable perhaps only if we did not drink for many days, or knew only dirty water .... And then ... We discovered completely pure water .... It's real, it is helpful, it is something that shows us reality on a larger scale. But not everyone has to know it, someone is completely satisfied with the basic features of this world, only someone wants to experience all the possibilities.

Client? What is behind it? Don't you want a better life? FAMILY?

Likewise, the traveler no longer wants to fit into the normal concept of life. For example, the word client is incomprehensible. I really can't imagine that we would now write only out of mutual expectations and personal desire to get something. Life is too precious to talk about these matters and not become friends. Let clients deal with each other, but a friend is always treated better. That's why I believe that we will all really become friends on this planet.

You have confirmed your Astral Travel experiment

Now let's get even more into reality - yes, as you already know, we are a person who loves authentication. That's why we had to have everything confirmed since childhood. Although it is the transmission of ideas, the movement of objects, as well as astral travel. Here the joy begins, because when you travel to your friend, you hear all the conversations, you feel all the emotions, you can read everything - you see everything as if you were looking through your eyes. Everything, absolutely everything, is real — only that person does not perceive you, and you feel that you are there, but at the same time as if you have ceased to have a form — which pulls you back into the material body. A phone call follows to a friend, telling them all the events you've heard and seen - and ... you hear astonishment, amazement, a moment of horror from privacy, again astonishment, disbelief. But you also have to confirm it, after all, what if it was really a coincidence? …

So you're going to travel like this for the second, third, tenth, twentieth time ... Out of twenty trips, you'll simply have nineteen exactly accurate ones. You, acquaintances, other friends are amazed, you all have evidence, you rejoice, but what about that next ... There are other and much more interesting places of being or spheres. The realms of Nothingness - where nothing exists, we do not feel, we do not need - until the transition to the state of Bliss. We stop feeling the material body, mind, emotions, nothing makes sense, but everything fills us. You already ... understand what the world is. Not before death, in life and after death, but we already know the ... that makes sense. Then love, and then a long line and everything else behind it ....

What next, after all knowledge comes?

And when you return, you no longer want to act astrally with the soul - charisma, but with the spirit - the mental body - that is, our essence - directly by us. We no longer perceive the exact details of the world, the form, the emotions, we just are. But ... that's the only thing that matters. Everything else so far was actually just a fun journey that helped us get this far .... And we had to experience it - to experience for ourselves, for our knowledge! Knowledge of the connection with the world, a loving world. Those who have not experienced it cannot fully believe.

Let's merge with the flow of life-the Universe and experience it, let's gain experience for ourselves! Don't believe me, do it.

Along the way is the online course Astral Travel - we show higher states of being throughout the Czech Republic and lately around the world. However, let's enjoy this world and everything it has to offer. It's one big sandbox that most people take so seriously that they play their roles, because of which they don't even notice who they really are behind it all…

Knowledge of past lives through regression therapy

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