Sidris family: Protection during astral travel

Some have been trying for astral travel for several years, some are leaving their bodies uncontrollably and spontaneously. Whether it is a gift or a misfortune depends on the mind of the person and their awareness. We are glad that we have heard a reader who is spontaneously leaving their physical body, and so we can be helpful in the issue of protection in the astral realms.

"At first, I didn't believe in astral travel very much, so after a few tries a few years ago, I quit and I didn't try again. But then I finally succeeded unintentionally, and even three times this month. I often wake up at night and then go to bed again. I don't know how, but from the lucid dream of hovering over the beautiful landscape, I suddenly returned to my room and I heard the so-called buzzing. I lifted my body, I could still see the silhouette of a rabbit running away from me, which was also in the dream when I was flying over the landscape. I would probably stay longer in this state, but I'd rather think that I want to go back or rather that I want to move my hand. I'd rather not look at myself.

Other ascents took place even in one day. After waking up, I still wanted to sleep and it always ended with a performance. Maybe it was just a dream because once my room seemed bigger than it really was. But at the last performance, I already had the feeling that I was hovering over my body. After a while, I thought again of my hand that I wanted to move it. It still managed to appear before my eyes, but then I was inside me again. It's interesting but also scary at the same time. I had these two experiences in one month.

Now to the question. I read somewhere about some protections so we don't bring anyone with us. For this reason, I am cautious and do not stay in this state for very long. That's why I wanted to ask you, if you have any essential advice, to avoid the risks associated with astral travel. I will definitely not travel intentionally, so especially in case, it happens to me again by accident.

I'm sorry, I had to describe the whole thing, I'm not playing with anything and I'm not going to. Although I wonder why this is happening to me."


Experience from the astral sphere

It's wonderful how we get what we ask for in life (albeit over time). A few years ago, you wanted to know astral travel, and now you have this experience without consciously striving for it at this time.

This is the main reason for experiencing spontaneous astral travel - you wanted it. We create our reality ourselves, through our emotions and thoughts. Depending on how much strength and energy you have inside of you, these wishes come true with a delay of several years to several hours.

The space in the astral realms can be slightly deformed because it doesn’t exist there - it is free from matter, so its proportions are slightly different from the material ones.

Protection in the astral sphere

When it comes to protection - you are the best protection if you control your own mind. Whatever you think of in the astral world will happen immediately. So if you think of any danger or being, you will summon them to your astral space in a moment.

So I recommend starting to control your mind. In the My Astral Body world, we have a very simple guide to help you, take a look here.

Another very effective protection is to create your own safe sphere, instructions here.

If you control your mind and learn to create your own personal space, then it would be an incredible pity if you did not take advantage of the current opportunities to travel astrally. Knowing life independently of our material body and visiting various astral realms are awakening experiences that give great power to form the material world. You have the opportunity to look behind the veil of matter and gradually reveal the reality as it really is.

The astral realms are beautiful and interesting, certainly not dangerous. When you take a look around (during a few glances at your material body resting on the bed), be sure to visit your friend and then want to see the interesting places on planet Earth that you have always wanted to visit. Wave your hand below the ocean surface. Go to see how your favorite chocolate is made. Only a little later, set out to explore space.

You can explore the entire Universe. Your physical body will always pull you back, or you will consciously return to it. A glass of cold water by the bed can also help, which you just have to touch briefly and immediately pulls you back into your body. Water here serves as a reliable magnet between your material and astral body.

Write over time how you enjoy astral travel, or whether you have definitely given it up.

Real practice

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