You want to ascend astrally and then ... it will happen!

It is very likely that you will have a similar experience during your astral journey as Áďa!

" Around 2 in the morning I went to bed. I was really tired so I started to relax my body but after a while, I fell asleep. I had an unpleasant dream from which I wanted to wake up. When I woke up and got out of bed, the dream was repeated again. So I didn't actually wake up, this was repeated about 3 times until I banged my hand to finally wake me up.

So suddenly I was lying on the bed but I don't know if it was a dream again or if I woke up. I felt like I was swaying so much that I almost rolled over on my stomach like in water. So I was glad that I finally moved my astral body.

And suddenly I was under the ceiling in the room I was sleeping in. I saw a wall and a door in front of me, so I thought that I could go through the door, so I went safely to the other side.

So I flew through the house and saw some people I didn't know. It was a bunch of young people who came with me. They accompanied me, so I still didn't know if I was traveling astrally or what was happening to me. We held hands, so I thought that if I traveled astrally, I would not feel the touch of my hand. So I looked at my hand and it was almost transparent, but it had its shape and when I waved with it, I saw the movement of air around it, it was amazing.

Then we found ourselves out somewhere, I don't know where, it was dark and the bunch of young people was very cheerful, happy just like you. Then I found out that they spoke Czech, so I asked them why I was in the Czech Republic, when I was Slovak and they said everything had a reason. I felt very good with them.

Then suddenly in the distance in the dark, I saw beautiful luminous colors and suddenly some of it fell to the ground, it looked like a rainbow but much more beautiful radiant. So I asked them what it was and they said: “hope”.

So I literally flew to it and the rainbow turned into a woman who was very nice. I never saw her but I felt like I knew her. So I asked her if I was traveling astrally. I pointed to my hand asking if this was my soul and if my body was asleep and she said YES. So I was satisfied and happy.

Then we came to a restaurant and I asked if we were going to eat. I thought, there is no taste for food in the astral and I woke up.

The whole trip took about 1 hour and it was a powerful experience for me. "

Sidris answers 

Your sleep is a phenomenal experience! It is very likely that you have experienced a very specific kind of astral travel, when you have been guided by your guides to the higher astral realms. These experiences are often more valuable than astral travel in the material sphere itself.

The course of your perception is amazing in itself, let's enjoy it.

1) Dream

You go to bed tired at two in the morning and get up several times in a dream. 

2) A lucid dream

With your conscious banging on the table, you awoke to a lucid dream and, through will, flew through the door.

3) Trip to the higher astral realms 

You received the gift of entering the higher realms because you had a strong will, you knew what you wanted, and you kept repeating it and wanting it. 

You walk with your guides to the infinite astral realm, which you recognize by the black color, it still exists very realistically. You are now in astral space, which is beyond matter. There is no need for shapes and matter. You are there more realistically than in matter.

4) The highest astral realms, knowledge of the spiritual realms 

Light passes through the darkness, you perceive peace and beauty. You don't need anything here, just a calm mind of yourself. You meet a guide who gently introduces you to these realms. Advice, helps, supports.

5) Return

From the highest astral realms, you first descended to the lower astral realms, where again there are shapes that we know when we are in material bodies. And then you're ready to go back.


You longed to know astral travel, but with your calm and loving mind you experienced much more. You will know it forever, not believe, but know exactly and know what it is like to know your life independently of the material body, and much more, what it is like to travel to the highest astral realms to a fleeting knowledge of the divine mental realms.

From now on, all knowledge will be much easier for you, because you will go to places you know and intuitively walk from the lowest astral realms, where you move in matter with your astral body, to the highest astral realms, to divine nothingness and another universe.

Definitely practice further lucid dreaming and decide every evening that you want to travel astrally for exploring the higher realms. Great!

Thank you,
thank you for getting to know each other on astral travel,
thank you for wanting to get to know each other and go further, 
thank you for really trusting your inner love. 
Thank you, Áďo, for enjoying such a wonderful world and showing it to other amazing people for the opportunity to create and enjoy completely consciously.

PS: During our joint astral travel, we learn how to effectively get out of the material body for a short time and return pleasantly, more on our online Astral Travel course.

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