Sidris family: How to treat negative people?

I would like to ask for your opinion on the situation that led me to choose these characteristics, and for advice on how to behave properly in these situations. At work, we have a colleague who is very negative, falsely accuses people of various mistakes, puts them down in front of everyone and feels that everyone is doing it to her on purpose. Obviously, she is actually dissatisfied with herself and has some suffering, but she never admits it. I know I won't change another person, so I have to change my approach and refine my charisma, but it's still hard for me not to criticize or slander it. I am more aware of this and I think about it, but it hurts people I love and I try to support and encourage them, and unfortunately it often ends up criticizing and slandering again. For other people, I quite manage to be more tolerant or stop gossiping and focus on myself (look in the inner mirror, what this situation shows me) and the whole process is starting to be pleasant and at that moment I'm happy about myself. However, it is more difficult for the mentioned colleague. I ask for your opinion and, if necessary, advice on how to handle it better. Hanka

Hello Hanka, a beautiful question to think about like this in the new year. Thank you for it. You have correctly revealed that your colleague must have some life's troubles and is dissatisfied. If a person is dissatisfied, at first they try to supplement their inner happiness through other people or through external objects - we call friends, we go for coffee with our mother, we play our favorite music, we go for a run.

We do anything to fill ourselves with a feeling of happiness again, so that we can shine into space and pass on joy. If we fail this first step and my friend does not have time, we are sick and our heads are shaking, we cannot run, there is more and more duties, then our reserve of inner happiness keeps decreasing and decreasing.

If this condition is long-term, one enters a vicious circle and no longer sees the way out. They do not see that they can be happy and satisfied again. Such people are already spreading negative energy around them and hurting others because on a subconscious level they want to thwart happiness to other people as well.

Not because they are evil themselves, but because they are unhappy.

They have bad thoughts, and as we already know, anything we think of becomes a reality. So when they have a bad reality, they subconsciously create it around themselves and form the kind of life they think of. Other consciousnesses support this reality precisely by slandering and wishing for bad things.

You, as the Ruler of the Force, have essentially two options.

1) Control the Force

Let a colleague live her life and change your approach to her behavior - exactly as you write. Gossiping and slandering is definitely not a good trait and it is advisable to transform it, and you can take this colleague as your master, which gives you an excellent opportunity to master this negative trait. This is a high path taken by many monks, hermits, etc. They go through their lives, improve themselves and until someone addresses them on their own with a request for advice, they do not deal with the outside world.

2) Create Happiness

Try to help your colleague replenish her inner happiness. She had obviously forgotten how to do it. You already control conscious encounters with other people, where you pass on a lot of positive energy through your gaze. This could be a nice step as you could get started. If you are in the presence of a colleague, always treat her kindly and consciously. Try to give her as much luck as possible during these moments and watch her behavior change over the long term. Your life is what you want it to be, what you create. And it's up to you whether you accept this colleague into your reality or not. You were born into this world alone and you will die alone, and what you will experience between these two focal points is only your choice. Have a beautiful life. Teresa from the My Astral Body ... a few days later Hanka writes

"I would like to share with you my joy in changing my approach to my colleague. It seemed incredible to me how your advice to pass on love and happiness works. After weeks when my colleague didn't even greet me and look me in the eye, I saw her laugh again. These are just short moments when I manage to address her and pass on positive energy, but even that is a great success for me and proof of how much it works. Thank you very much for your advice and support. It's quite difficult to describe in words, but I feel the energy around me brighten and lighten. I no longer feel so stuffy and heavy."


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