The Sidris Family: Slander of Astral Travel

Hello, I've been thinking about astral travel for a long time. But I only know the theoretical part. Not the practical one. I would like to travel, but I hear from both my mother and an acquaintance who understands spiritual things that astral travel is very dangerous because you can attract astral beings (larvae, vampires, sometimes even demons) to the physical world. So what about those beings? Can I ask for an angel or a spiritual guide to accompany and protect me all the way? Can astral travel affect me in my life, either spiritually or mentally? Thanks for the reply.

Indeed, many superstitions and slanders circulate about astral travel, and as is the case with all slander, they are spread by people who have little understanding of the subject and do not have their own practical experience.

People are naturally afraid of unknown things, and if they are even intangible, fear grows several times higher.

I assume that your mother and acquaintance do not have their own practical experience with astral travel, and since they are afraid of you, they are understandably trying to discourage you from this completely natural experience.

However, you can also hear negative information from the astral traveler who has actually left their material body and visited the astral realms. They looked around, which frightened them, and have since declared that astral travel is dangerous.

Getting out of the body itself is such a powerful experience that if a person is not prepared for it and comes out spontaneously without any previous experience, then it can really have a negative effect on them. Just like a person who has never been on a carousel, and you immediately put them on a roller coaster. This person will be scared, they will feel sick, and they will swear that no one will ever get them to do it again. If we take this scared person and explain everything to them in advance, we will advise them about a few tricks on how to manage nausea, then this person will go to the roller coaster fully prepared and it will be a wonderful experience for them.

Therefore, find out information from experienced long-term astral travelers who have extensive experience with the astral world and already know how everything works there.

Take all the information from other people with great caution.

And now to your own questions:

Angel and spiritual guide

In the astral realm, your strong mind is the best defense. There is only the present, so whatever you think of, it will happen right away. There you are literally the creator of your reality. So if you have a firm mind that you control, astral travel is completely safe and you don't need a guide.

You can read instructions on how to control your mind here.

Or you can go the gradual path of the student of <Astral.University>, where you will learn everything you need.

Another useful protection is to create your own sphere into which no being or other consciousness can ever interfere. Even the most experienced astral traveler cannot penetrate this realm.

Larvae, vampires and demons 

I may surprise you a little here, but having any of the above energies with you is more insidious in the physical body than in the astral one. If you encounter any being in the astral realm, you have the advantage of seeing it and just saying, "NO" and the creature disappears immediately.

Whereas in the physical world, these energies are not seen or perceived by the average person, so they are under their influence for a long time and do not care.

A larva can be created quite easily with the help of addiction, whether it is on alcohol, cigarettes, or television. It is an energy that we have created ourselves, and it has subsequently acquired the instinct of self-preservation, so it influences our thoughts and behavior so much that it keeps us addicted.

Vampires, demons, and phantoms ... All these "beings" are very similar, only different in the way they are created and maintained.

Thus, these energies can do more damage when we are in the material body and do not perceive the astral forces than when we meet them in the astral realm, where we can very easily "deal" with them.

The defense against this external interference is again the creation of one's own sphere and the control of one's own thoughts. This is the alpha and omega of everything.

How does Astral Travel affect life, psyche and spiritual understanding? 

Briefly: A LOT 

Nothing will remain as it is now. The astral sphere is emotionally much more real than the physical. So you will feel like you live there and dream in the physical world. You will practically find out that you literally create the reality around you with the help of your thoughts. You will return to the material body, and everything you do will no longer be because you have to, but because you want to. Whatever you don't want to do, you simply won't do. You will begin to take life in matter as a certain game and you will consciously create in the game.

Everything will change, but for the better. It is definitely better to live consciously and create your life according to your highest intentions and the most perfect dreams than to go on autopilot and let yourself be controlled by the surrounding consciousness and matter itself.

Whoever travels astrally, even if only once in their life, lives a much better and more conscious life. It is enough not to be afraid of this knowledge, understand it, and use it in practice to create your perfect life.

So do not hesitate and study the instructions for astral travel and put everything into practice immediately, so that you gain your own knowledge.

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