Sidris Family: Getting rid of the present being

"It will be a year since I learned that I had a ghost with me. First it was my dead mother, then a friend who died tragically, then I learned that I had more.

Two weeks ago, a lady took my friend to the Light and told me that I had nothing left in my apartment. But when I got home from her, the sounds in the apartment were still there. Cracking in the TV, refrigerator, microwave, on the windowsill, on the door frame. And I still feel drafts in my ears, on both sides. The lady didn't call me anymore.

2 days ago in the evening, I was filming a cat on a mobile phone and when I was watching a video the next day, I noticed strange flights there, some lights. Yesterday I even filmed a hand on the wall. When I have a kitten in my hands, he keeps spinning, jumping off the ground, and still catching something. So I know that I am not alone in the apartment and I am already very tired of it.

I live alone in an apartment, so it's even harder for me to experience it unnoticed. What I have at home goes out with me. When I was returning home from the lady who was taking my friend away, I heard in the hallway of the apartment building that it had hit the glass and I knew that the lady was not right.

I want to ask you very nicely if you would look at my case."

In <Astral.University>, we have very simple and effective instructions that will definitely help you in your situation.

Here's how you can help creatures by yourself. Once the beings are in your home, you don't have to travel far with your spirit, and the whole process is really easy and enjoyable.

The above instructions will lead all beings to light. Beings, especially if they are dead people, welcome a rush of love, happiness and positive energy, and the experience is loving to both parties.

If you don't feel like being able to do it by yourself, we can do everything remotely together. You will sit down to relax and we will be able to look through you at the beings you are having trouble with.

Whatever variant you choose, it is important to control your mind for a long time. Even if we completely clean the apartment of all the energy that will be there (it's beautiful, as clients call their apartments completely "empty" and sometimes you can hear the echo), and then you will still be thinking hard about the creatures, new ones will come to you, who will be happy to stay with you (even though the original beings will already be in the higher realms, far from any matter).

Therefore, follow a very simple guide that takes you five minutes a day and is available here under the title Guide for the Development of Your Mind.

In the near future, these instructions will be processed as audio meditations, which you will be able to download and listen to every evening and be guided by deeper states of consciousness. By learning to control your mind, you will gain a truly conscious life path that will help you in many ways.

First, try to get rid of the creatures by yourself, and if that doesn't work, contact us at

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