Sidris family: I wake up tired

"I am coming to you with a question, is it possible for a room or apartment to physically exhaust me? Or it's more of a life situation that can make me sleepy. To make it clear this week, I came from a two-week stay in Berlin, where I got up at six in the morning, went to bed at about eleven in the evening, and didn't feel tired. After arriving back to the Czech Republic, getting up in the morning causes me a big problem and I feel more exhausted and I sleep more. Before I left, I thought it could be a city and overcrowding (I've been living in a village since I was a child), but Berlin is an even bigger city and I didn't feel tired there on such a scale."

If we are tired, exhausted, we get up badly and we could sleep all day. There can be several causes for that.

1) Meaningfulness

It is a question of what purpose you were in Berlin for. If the time spent there was meaningful for you and life entertained and fulfilled you at that moment. In this case, we have a lot of energy around us, vitality and sleep demand is rapidly declining. We go our way and create it. And if so ... what kind of life do you live at home? It is possible that the common stereotype no longer fills you and takes away your force, which you do not draw through the creation of your own path. Really little is enough - you can be 8 hours a day at work, which you may not enjoy, but then come home and spend 4 hours for you meaningfully. Not by what you have to do, but by what you want to do. Even these moments (even if it's not 4 hours, but even just an hour, half an hour a day) will give you such energy that you will be surprised and get up well again.

2) Space

It can really be a problem in the space itself. We have responsibilities at home, we experience both good and bad things. We argue with the children, our partner, we go to clean up bored. All these negative energies can accumulate there, and if you are more sensitive to these forces, then it is logical that you do not want to get up and you would rather sleep than wake up to such energetic chaos.

Live your own life

In the first case, it really helps to live your own life for at least a few moments a day. Focus on what you do during the day and how you feel about it. The path of the student of <Astral.University> is great for this, where we gradually decipher what is happening together and you will learn to consciously create your own life, where you will be satisfied.

Find your way

Or read this simple tutorial, which is very awakening. All you have to do is step out of automatic behavior, start perceiving what I'm doing, what's going on around me and how it's affecting me. And when we know where the problem is, it's easy to fix it.

Gain control of your space

If this is the case where a large amount of negative energy is stored in the apartment, then the first step would be to fall asleep with the awareness of one's own sphere. This step will ensure that you fall asleep and wake up to a "clean room".

You are the ruler of space

It is also possible to clean the apartment, which you can do by yourself. The procedure is very simple: Sit or stand in the middle of the room, close your eyes and visualize how a tremendous amount of white power flows into you from above through your head. Let yourself be completely filled with this force - from the head, shoulders, chest, abdomen, hips to the legs. Once you are completely filled, imagine how this power radiates from you to the whole apartment. It pushes everything negative away and only pure, loving white power remains. When the whole apartment is illuminated in this way, you can open your eyes. You will see that it will be more pleasant for all residents in the apartment. You can repeat this every day, with increasing practice and stronger visualization, this cleaning of the apartment will be stronger and will last for many weeks.

Follow all the instructions

It will be best if you try the instructions we mention here, they are really very easy and at the same time effective enough. They will bring you many other pleasant bonuses to your life. You will definitely master everything quickly.

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