Ritual items - yes or no?

I read a few books on witchcraft and already thought I had finally found what I was looking for. Only one thing kept bothering me. As soon as I became interested in this topic, I wrote in my diary: '' I want to be a witch so that I can learn to fully control my energy and be able to cure physical and mental illnesses.

I want to be able to help all beings to heal and enjoy life ''. In books on witchcraft, I found many interesting exercises and ways to expand my consciousness. But mainly also long lists of necessary aids, objects, amulets, talismans, symbols, etc .... Descriptions of various complex rituals using the above, the strict rules (different in each book, of course), an invocation of all sorts of deities of countless different pantheons, and more and more necessary actions.

I was still gnawing at the feeling that all these might not be necessary to control my force and learn to work with it. That no support resources are needed. As it bothered me more and more, I suddenly found myself on your site, I don't even know how. Even that day, according to your instructions, I was able to see the faint aura of my hand, I was absolutely thrilled. The next morning I tried it in the bathroom in full light against the wall and I saw the color.

My hand glowed light blue. Such beauty! I enjoy it several times a day now, even when on the toilet against white tiles :-). The next day I watched a colleague from behind while sitting at a computer and bingo! I saw the faint aura of his head.

And that day I enthusiastically signed up for your Ruler of the Force course, because everything I have managed to see on your pages so far makes perfect sense to me and I can't wait to see what awaits me with your help. Thank you and have a nice day. " 


"Your story is really very interesting and it is beautiful how you yourself came to see the matter in a moment - you do not need matter (talisman) to control your immaterial energy."
Petra Kučerová


From the beginning, talismans and amulets can help many people. It is a reminder, a symbol, of an act. If the ritual object is still used for the same purpose, it will become a very powerful trigger of force for our consciousness - I will take this stone in my hand and feel my energy. But they don't need a stone to feel their force, they can do it without this amulet, but it's hard for them to accept, it's hard for them to accept that they are the Rulers of their Force. They handed over their force to the amulet. Instead of confidently standing up and feeling their strength through firm will, intuition, and other built-up mental abilities, they take a crutch in the form of matter. We move in matter and it is very close to us, which is why it is so easy to have different amulets for good luck. It is more pleasant for our consciousness and subconscious to accept that the horseshoe will bring us happiness than to accept responsibility for our lives and admit that it is our thoughts that have brought us happiness.

Matter draws consciousness into firmness

On the other hand, material objects are very useful at times when one is not yet able to fully control one's mind and suffers, for example, from severe depression. Such a person comes to our therapeutic room asking for help. A person suffering from depression usually does not control their mind, so it is very difficult to take them into deep states of consciousness. Therefore, we take the person into deep relaxation of the mind to experience the desired peace of mind and assign a material object (eg a stone) to this state. Then, whenever depression starts to hit them, all they have to do is grab the stone in their palm and they can immediately remember the peace they experienced with us on a lounger. As a result, they gradually begin to control their mind and, over time, manage to lay down even a stone and take full responsibility for their thoughts.

Journey with help

So if everything is done correctly and precisely, the amulet can be a tool, a crutch. The question is whether we will stay with this crutch and not learn to "walk" ourselves, or whether we will consciously go after our own and gradually put aside all crutches.

Our own path

The path of the Ruler of the Force teaches to control force through our consciousness, our strong will, and strong mind. Nothing more is needed. At the same time, we try to convey that practical is much better knowledge than theoretical. Therefore, the path of the Ruler of the Force is built on practice with a minimum of theory. We want each Ruler to come to knowledge themselves, on their own, not to look in meditations for what they have read in the books, but to know themselves, and what they are ready for.


There is no more beautiful proof when we discover something ourselves in meditation, mental or astral travel, and later a friend comes to us who wants to talk to us about the knowledge they have read in the book, and we are amazed to find out what is written there, we really experienced it without even knowing it before. That is the confirmation we are all looking for. It is a big difference to read in the book that, for example, an angel is such and such, we find him here and there. We go there with our consciousness and we will really see him there. But at that moment we can already say ... "well yeah .. what if I just made it up and imagined it based on that book?" Or when we meet the angel ourselves and later find that our experience is exactly the same as the description in the book. So we recommend the exact opposite of the current trend in society. We say: Read and study various materials a little but devote even more time to practice and your own knowledge.


"Hello. Beautifully and of course wisely written! I enjoy all your text messages in emails. And it also helps me personally to know that you are and who you are! " Even this moves me somewhere further. I greet you both with love."


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