Sidris family: Did I travel astrally?

"I recently found your site and when I have time, I am looking forward to reading it. I experienced astral travel, maybe more like separation, it was for the first time, so I have a few questions, can I please?

In the evening I lay down, relaxed, and imagined in my mind that I was flying into the ocean of pure energy and bliss and would stay there for a while before falling asleep.

I couldn't sleep at all and I still felt alert, even though I wanted to sleep, but I probably got into half-asleep. Suddenly I felt or heard such a growl inside, at my chest, louder and weaker, then I could clearly hear a woman's voice speaking out loud in the place where my son slept. I wondered how someone could be there, where the voice came from, and at that moment I wanted to turn on my side and felt like breaking out of my body and being at the ceiling.

I wasn't surprised, a vague separation occurred to me, I flew around the room and said to myself that I would look out through the balcony door, they said it is possible ... First the door wouldn't let me go, then yes and I was over the balcony. I was afraid to go further, below me it was black darkness, only on the right, I saw the leaves from the tree, then it was dark around me. I thought that if I could fly somewhere I would fly, my grandmother got into my mind, but right away that it is 80km away :) ( A Note from the <Astral.University> - spatial distance does not matter in astral travel, you are anywhere in an instant)

I was happy, I recently talked about the separation with a friend who did it, I said to myself that I would fly to her to tell her. I found myself in a house and it was quite dark there and I immediately said that I would not scare someone at night that it's stupid and I was back at our block of flats.

I thought of the body, I stayed a little over the body for a second, as if it didn't work, but then I said to myself, I was fine in my body and it was good, I was back and woke up again. I was a little sick and couldn't sleep until I ate a piece of banana.

I thought about it in the morning. I don't remember anything from the woman's voice, she spoke monotonously, like a broadcast, as if probably not to me, I don't know. Why was she there? I didn't see my body, somehow I didn't think to look for it, the tree had leaves and it's January ... everywhere it was dark and I didn't know what to do next.. I had an idea that I would fly and see distant lands .. :-), if it was a separation, I would like to continue, I just don't know how to do it. It was unplanned, for sure I will read your articles, I believe I will find a lot of information, thank you for doing that.

I was also fascinated by the student of <Astral.University>, I see freedom in it and a lot of new learning and discovery, I just did not understand the payment, it is for a month or for a degree?

Thank you for your answer and have a nice day. "


Have a beautiful day Lenka, 

what you are describing really looks like astral travel - if you perceived everything very realistically, perhaps even more realistically than in your physical body.

Darkness vs light

The darkness around you shows that you have entered the higher astral realm, or somewhere in the transition between the low (the world you currently perceive yourself) and the higher (the realm that is only yours and you create everything in it as you wish and is either black or white).

Return to the body 

Even the fact that it was enough to think and you were immediately at your body and when you returned you were slightly sick to your stomach is sufficient evidence that you have experienced astral travel. That is, only whether it was very real or slightly like in a dream.

Mental travel 

If everything was vague and unclear, it was mental travel, which is much more valuable in nature than astral travel. Thanks to mental travel (travel by our spirit/consciousness), we get beyond the boundaries of our universe, which is not possible with astral travel.

Furthermore, mental travel can be used to feel other people's illnesses, to cure those illnesses, and to have any loving influence in general.

However, due to mental travel, we do not see the details of the material world, everything is as if in the mist that the light of the sun penetrates. So you see the outlines, but defining exactly what the object is is very difficult.

Astral travel 

you can exercise with simple instructions. All you have to do is do 15 minutes a day, there is no need for more - that is, to completely relax your physical body, try to get out and if it fails within 5 minutes, gradually go to bed again and try the next day. Everyone who persevered and trained every day sooner or later performed.

Consistency and strong will are important here. Here are the instructions you can handle yourself.
Astral Travel is amazing and we teach it ourselves directly on our online course Astral Travel.

The student of <Astral.University> journey

is paid for the whole block, so you will go through the first, second and third stage with us :)

The first stage is the minimum for us to live a better life, get rid of the surrounding influences and start creating. The next stages lead to deeper knowledge.

Gradually, you will completely create your life, depending on what you want it to be. And your whole environment will come together to help you, because it also will feel inward that you will live a better life. You will create your world, and if it is loving, everyone and everything will help you and you will go by leaps and bounds.

There is really a lot to know, but what I would recommend to everyone and we practice it with our children with great success is the first degree of the student of <Astral.University>. It should be taught in primary schools :)

My Astral Body

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