They don't understand me! What should I do?

"I don't know how to deal with the "belief system" that people have created. That something is impossible, that this is SO and not otherwise, if you understand me. I believe that EVERYTHING is possible! By observing people, I came to the conclusion that when a person has the will to do something, they turn everything impossible into possible. They can be anything. .....

I have a big problem with that because people influence me. It's because, although unknowingly, I let myself be influenced by others and I don't know how to stop it. The people I love the most. My family. They keep beating me in the head that something can’t be done. It's a vicious circle. It annoys me terribly! I feel like shouting, "Shut up! Leave me alone!" When I get up, their words pull me back into the abyss."
Aneta Krejčí

I have to calm you down right at the beginning - you are right and try to keep it. Absolutely all astral travelers, the Rulers of the Force, and most people who meditate and know different spheres, agreeing on two things that completely break the solid system of the surrounding people:

1) Everything is possible. 
2) Life is easy.

Most of us grew up in an environment where we were constantly told, "You can't do this. That's not how it works. Life is hard. You imagine it as Hurvínek's war. It's much more complicated than you can imagine.” And because we know that everything is possible, it logically turns out that life is really hard and demanding for these people. They stick to their fixed boundaries, which give them a sense of security, and they know how to behave there (albeit negatively, but they have already rehearsed familiar reactions). They accept anything new very hard and are seldom willing to listen. The common reaction to such negativity is the exact opposite: "It's not as bad as you see it. Look, it's easy. Life is beautiful. Smile and it will be better right away.” Then follows a whirlwind of sentences where we learn that we are reckless, free-thinking, people of the sun, sages, and that we will soon get a proper school from life to see how it really works.

Let's respect tolerantly 

As a first step in the right direction, you can sincerely thank the person in question and say that you will rethink the whole situation. This will end the whole conversation and you can move on. Don't take others' opinions, they don't like it as much as you don't like it when they convince you otherwise. Be tolerant and listen, let other people know that you have heard and understood their opinion. It calms them down and the atmosphere is lightened. At that moment, you will not control each other but respect each other. But how to proceed so that we are not only respected but also be understood? Certainly, many of you will be reminded of this life experience:

„My husband is terribly unhappy and distressed, meaningless, everything and everyone is annoying him. I'd like to help him, but I don't know, how. When I try, I just hear something in the sense that as long as I continue to follow the book wisdom and fantasy crap instead of using common sense, we have nothing to talk about.”
Lucka Němcová

In such cases, our words have absolutely no meaning. Let's talk to them only when they ask and most importantly - let's answer what they ask. Only then are they able and willing to listen.

Let's pass on information sensitively

Let's take one very simple example: A man points to a bird and asks, "What is it?" We answer: "It's a bird. You see ... it has a nest there, it lives on a tree, eats beetles and flies to warm lands for the winter. It lays about five eggs a year and you can imagine, if it's a cuckoo, it lays eggs in strangers nests… ". At this point, we have completely overwhelmed the person with information that he did not ask, was not prepared for, and can be irritable, angry, and unhappy. It is quite probable that thanks to a lot of information he had never heard of, he forgot the concept that interested him ("this is a bird"). Let's focus on the transfer of positive energy on a subtle level. Here we recall the article "How to treat negative people". We don't know yet how it turned out with the husband, but the first wonderful realization came:

"I have to thank you for the further insight/understanding that has taken place today thanks to you. The husband suggested a trip. I looked at it and immediately say enthusiastically: "that's great, all right", but then I started thinking out loud - reorganizing my pre-planned program so that I could do everything. It ended up that my husband was very upset and swept the whole idea under the floor, with the fact that I already have my program and I don't want to go anywhere, etc. I told him several times that I really wanted to go on a trip and that I definitely put his idea in my program in the first place and I will adapt everything else to that, I just needed to think it over quickly and rearrange it, but he didn't listen at all. He was upset, "he was black" and he insisted that I didn't want to go at all, so we wouldn't go …

It made me a little angry too and it made me cry, so I went to the next room, stepped to the window, and began to consciously breathe, light and calm inside, darkness and stress out ... And in a moment with deepening calm "it clicked" - after all, exactly this situation can be beautifully put into the simple example with the bird that you wrote to me yesterday :-D. Exactly. He just wanted to hear YES, and I overwhelmed him with so much information that he didn't ask that YES was completely lost for him. I had to start laughing, maybe it will be enough, learn to communicate with my husband on his level, and then our coexistence will be easier for both of us. "

Let's leave them room to be curious on their own 

Do not want feedback from them, do not change them, let them live their lives, and just send them positive energy - they always have the opportunity to reject it, but also to accept it. The moment a person gets space and is not oppressed by their surroundings and their opinions ... they can look around and see what is happening to them. By themselves ... out of self-interest. And start asking other questions.

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