Astral travelers attract money

How are astral travelers doing with financial abundance? Read the incredible story of the participant of the astral course Bruce and a few more lines from us below the story.

"I have to tell you a story that happened to me. On Sunday morning, on the way to Prague from your astral travel workshop, I talked to Dennis and he said that everyone who performs astrally is doing economically well. At 4 in the morning, he brought me home and continued to Pilsen.

At 7:30 I got up because I couldn't sleep, and all day I felt like a steamroller runs over me. In the evening I was about to sleep, but my boss called me to say that he needed me at work. I work as a private driver and I have EUR 500 for a job. I wasn't excited about it, but the last 300 EUR in my wallet, so I couldn't refuse. There was not much work during the week and I was at the workshop at the weekend.

I did my job and saw on the notice board that there was another job for the morning. I was sure that I would ride it because my colleague and I have an unwritten agreement that I ride in the morning and he rides in the afternoon. Around 10 pm I am waiting for a message from my boss that I should go in the morning, but nothing. So I wrote to my boss if he had anything for me, and his answer shocked me: "Your colleague is driving tomorrow." That was unfair to me.

He made a lot of money on my shifts over the weekend, and I only drove one ride on Sunday in a half-dead state. What is it? I don't want that. I immediately call a colleague:

"Hi, why are you doing the job at 9 in the morning? We have a deal." He replied: "I don't know why the boss gave it to me." I said: "Look, I'm out of money and I need to make money, and you like to sleep until lunch. Or do you want to do it?” I expected him to gladly tell me immediately that everything was ok. Instead, he told me, "Look, you shouldn't go and spend money on that spiritual nonsense, you should make money." I replied: “This is not your business what I do in my private. We have a deal!” He said: “I'm with a friend now, and you're ruining the whole time for me. The mood is down. Deal things with the boss, not me.” So I immediately wrote to my boss and politely asked for an explanation. Nobody replied.

What was my surprise when the colleague later wrote that he was forwarding two orders to me. At the same time, he added a sermon to my life to realize what is good for me. I took it with a smile and I was happy. Two orders from the original none. It is nice. I'm looking forward to work. I get up early in the morning feeling the victory of my will and take the train to work. I noticed how nice people smiled at me, which is definitely not usual.

And as I sit there, I train the perception of the astral body, which I learned in the workshop. I close my eyes and I feel amazing. I have a ritual: I leave the station and immediately head to the terrace in a small cute gas station. I'm talking to the staff, and suddenly the conversation turned to astral travel. I haven't had enough to wonder at how people I normally meet for a long time have the same interests, and I'm only finding it out now. It's starting… Sid said we're going to draw what we radiate into our lives. 😊

Flying thousand crown banknotes

I go to the first job and laugh in my mind. I see an infinite number of thousand crown banknotes, flying everywhere, and they are all flying to me and to my body. Great feeling! That's exactly what I want. I've been waiting in the airport lobby for customers for over an hour, the plane checked in, and still nothing. I'm calling the dispatch center. They tried to contact clients on their cell phone, but it was turned off. Well, nothing… cancellation of the order, but I have one more. The second job went according to the plan. Pleasant family with children, they smiled nicely at me. I go back to the depot and again a thousand crown banknotes ... straight to me. Of course, only in my mind. I'm stopping at the red lights, and a bunch of German young men jumps up to me: "Do you have people there?" "No…" "Will you take us to the address…?" They looked nice, It was on the way, so why not. BOOM… they gave me 1000 EUR!, with which they waved close to my head.

I have ten times as much as in the morning!

So I go to the depot and my text message jingled - another job. BOOM, another thousand to me. And now I have 3,000 in my wallet, and only the original EUR 300 was supposed to remain there. A mind is a powerful tool. I wish everyone beautiful days and think of thousand crown banknotes flying everywhere. "

The astral traveler attracts

For the Astral University, we certainly cannot say that every astral traveler automatically attracts money. The astral traveler attracts what they think about. So if we have a healthy relationship with money and we know what it is like, we will automatically attract it. As soon as we awaken the perception of our astral body, our thoughts begin to manifest in matter.

Some very fast (within hours), others a little slower (months). At the same time, however, we never know how this idea will come true for us, so it is appropriate to trust it and let yourself be guided. In this story, it is very likely that if there was no quarrel over one job and everything went, as usual, a colleague would not get an extra job. At the same time, if the first order was not canceled, a different time sequence of events would occur and Bruce would not meet the young German men at the crossroads, and his colleague could get the last order.

So, despite the original negative events (quarrel with a colleague and cancellation of the order), we got to fulfill our wishes. That's why it's important to stay open and know that even if not everything goes according to plan, it always directs us to where we need and want. We must learn to trust external events.

We are very responsible for our thoughts,

the further we are on our path of self-knowledge, the faster everything is fulfilled for us, and not only what we want, but also in what energy we send the idea. E.g. we will want a moment of peace. An innocent wish, isn't it? But say it when you are nervous and want peace because you can't do anything and it's just too much…. For example, there is a good chance that you will become ill and lie in bed for a few days. But you will have the peace you wanted. The moment you make a wish with a calm head, there is a good chance that, for example, a friend will contact you and take your children on a trip. Again, you will find peace, but in different energy.

Therefore, indeed, we strongly urge all astral travelers and students of <Astral.University> to control their minds and meditate for at least 5 minutes each day to know how to control negative thoughts and take their energy when they are already "spoken." It's very important, you can easily create a wonderful life, but just as easily and quickly you can destroy it. And this is up to you.

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