How to get astral current - 6 steps to flow

How to do it?

1) Control of one's own mind

The first important step to any success and conscious creation of your life is to control your own mind. We must learn to let go of unnecessary thoughts and, conversely, to hold on to desirable thoughts and not be distracted by other intrusive thoughts. In order to be able to get into the astral current, we only need to master the two steps from the instructions - the link here.

We have created audio meditations to help you. 

2) Setting your life goal

Maybe a little bit more difficult task, but if we do not know where we are going, we are doomed to wander through life. We can compare it to a ship sailing in the fog without a compass. So let's set our life goal, the meaning of life. Once we find it, we will be able to compare each activity with our goal. "Is this activity in line with my goal? Do I really want to create this, or am I doing it for someone else?” This tutorial can help you with this step: How to live your own life

3) Absolute focus on your own current activity 

Here we will use our skill from the first point. We will master one thought and we will not be disturbed by others. It is really important to draw an idea (activity) into your sphere, into your being and your own rules. Do not enter into the rules of the activity. What's the difference? When you draw activity into your realm, you set the rules of reality, so you can bend time on your own. But when you enter the reality of the activity, there is a situation where time passes so quickly and you don't even know how.

4) I ignore the outside world unless I need it for my own creation 

A very strong statement, but true. If we want to know the astral current and learn to function in it, we must not allow ourselves to be used by the outside world. You can only enter the astral stream when you are doing activities that are in harmony with you.

5) Determining your activities for a given day

On a specific day, determine the activities that you will accept into your sphere and do not set a time for them. Be the Ruler of your Force and it will definitely happen to you that one day, instead of the expected two hours, only 30 minutes will pass.

6) Whenever your life allows it, don't care about time 

Leave your watch at home, turn off your cell phones and just live. Many people say that the only valuable commodity in this world is time, that we all have limited time in this world, and how we divide it is up to us, and we need to think carefully about where to invest our time. But we already know that there is only what we dedicate our consciousness to, and if we stop giving time and spend our lives meaningfully according to our goals, we can only see positive results and learn to work with time, not for time.

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