Another person traveled astrally with us

Martin Černý, a participant in the Astral Travel course, called us - he traveled astrally for the first time. Here's his fascinating story.

“Hello my friends, so I'm probably also enlighted. πŸ˜€ About 20 minutes of flying from the ground to the stratosphere at tremendous speeds and with a feeling of overload. Absolutely no problem, I just collided with a silver ball over Josefov in Liberec. I turned around and it flew at high speed away, so I didn't care about it.

Now I'm laughing like a jerk here. πŸ˜„ So far, I'm mostly flying in half-shade, only for a moment cleaner outlines. One more finding, I acted like a guttersnipe, as if I was 15 and I had the same feeling, full of energy, accelerated.

The physical body heard the planes of the red bull team and I immediately went after them, I caught them. It was awesome to observe them in that formation, I have seen the pilots with headphones, everything. Well, it also occurred to me to move their elevator, like a guttersnipe πŸ˜„ So hopefully tomorrow they won't call the technician that the control lever was oscillating. πŸ˜„ 

I gave myself proof when I returned 

I looked in the bathroom at the cabinet with the mirror from above, and right in the middle, the cable led to the lighting. Well, when I took the chair and looked there, it was there πŸ˜‰ I live in the apartment for a short time and I've never had the opportunity to look at the closet from above πŸ˜„

When out of the body, I used instead of trying to turn around, jump, or another technique, a fantasy technique, I just imagined that I am out of my body and in the second I was climbing up to the stars in a spiral. I quickly felt astral body by the method we have learned, and then with the help of my eyes, I induced dizziness and a feeling that I was climbing. Not above the body, but up to the sky. But before, I tried to fool the brain with the idea that I was sitting and not climbing. Well, when I didn't know if I was lying or sitting, I started. I embarked on FEELING. I went back to try it, woke up, flexed my arms, opened my eyes, closed them again, and I was back at the ceiling in a second.

Then I went for a beer, in the material world. 😁 I wish you all success! PS: If it was just a fantasy, then really cool. “  


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