Let's talk about astral travel in public

"I have to confide in you about something. I struggled with the feeling of tilting the world and the pressure and distorted senses as a little boy. It started to happen spontaneously when I lay in the dark and in silence, the feeling terrified me from an early age, I didn't know what was happening to me, I could even induce it at any time of the day, with my eyes open whenever I focused a little more on something, it scared me.

Over time, I learned to eliminate it, and therefore I was very surprised when this feeling of traveling came to me after so many years of meditation two days ago. Out of fear, I stopped meditating prematurely. After finding out that I was okay, I started to connect thoughts and decided to try again and go through that feeling without fear, but I was no longer able to reach this state.

Probably because I had a lot of adrenaline running through me. Next time I'll go further :) Do you think I've had the prerequisites to travel since I was little? How is it possible that in 5 years this happened to me without any information about any astral travel? Thank you very much for all the information. I feel like I'm in another world now. "

Milan Hájek

Hi Milan, according to your description, it has really been a question of relaxing the astral body since childhood. :-)

It is a natural ability for everyone, and indeed many children travel astrally every day. Some people find it natural, so they don't bother with it, others are scared by it, so they try hard to get rid of their abilities. It is a real pity that this topic is still little tolerated by the public. How beautiful the world would be if everyone knew about the existence of astral travel and lucid dreams.

Not everyone would have to practice it but only know about the very fact that we are not just a material body, and we can temporarily withdraw from it and then return. That would not end many people in the care of other people who traveled astrally spontaneously and did not know what was happening. They couldn't even name it. And many children would keep this ability quite naturally until adulthood. <Astral.University> aims to make this enlightenment, and thus help many people.

What would your life look like if you knew as a child what was happening to you and instead of fear you could enjoy everything to the fullest? :-) Now you know what's going on, so jump into exploring astral travel. :)

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