How to solve challenges during astral travel

We leave our physical body and the world as we know it, during out of body travel. It doesn’t matter if we are going to travel by our astral body (our soul), or by our consciousness (our mind); we will be in a new reality. Therefore it is good to know what to do in case of unexpected events. Out of body travel is safe and completely natural, so there are not a lot of challenges that may happen. The following two situations are the most common that you may or may not experience during your astral traveler journey:

1) Inability to be fully settled down in the physical body

- Call your pet (e.g. your dog) in order to cuddle it. This will help you to settle down.
- Drink water: it has a strong grounding effect to get you back from your astral to your physical body.
- Put a container full of water close to your bed before the journey. In case of any challenges during your return, simply touch the water with a part of your body. 

2) Presence of an unpleasant feeling or being

Realize that you are the highest being at that moment and you are in control.
You have a physical, an astral and mental body, therefore you are the more powerful Ruler of your Force. Therefore you are stronger and just command unwanted beings to move out of your area immediately.

If it’s not possible otherwise, enclose yourself in a protective envelope. The best way is to visualize a light sphere that surrounds you about a meter or more away from you, and then think of returning to the physical body.
Generally do not contact beings until you are fully familiar with different astral planes.
Do not accept any gifts or services, you won’t be able to take any material gifts with you anyway. You can be the creator on your own, you do not need any beings for that.

Tip: It is advisable to experience all of the procedures listed here just as a trial at first. Visualize a similar world and experience it as much as you can during meditation, mental travel or conscious dreaming. After that experience, you will be ready to enter other worlds.


Astral travel brings a whole new horizon of knowledge and perception of reality. As soon as you travel astrally, you will experience your immortality through your own experience.

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