Can children see beings?

Being able to see the astral plane, or seeing beyond “solid matter” into the astral plane, or perhaps the ability we might call clairvoyance is a natural ability of every human being. We are all born with this ability, but over time most of us voluntarily give it up. (If you want to begin to perceive the astral world again, this ability can naturally wake up with astral travel, or during aura vision training.)

How is this possible?

Many of you will definitely remember that you experienced unusual things as a child. Beings, angels, deceased relatives came to you, or possibly you had imaginary friends and you felt great with them. Did you share this experience with your parents, telling them something like “See the good old man? He’s standing right next to you.” But they did not necessarily share your enthusiasm, did they?

As young children, we started to believe that the world was confined only to matter and that the astral plane does not exist or, at worst, that it is very frightening.

Suddenly, that good old man became something terrible not to be spoken about, so it was somewhat better not to (be able to) see him at all. After all, our parents are role models for us, showing us how to perceive this world properly.

And even if we live in an open-minded family where our dearest support us and believe in what we see, over time, with the passing of years, we believe more and more in the solid matter surrounding us everywhere. One astral traveler described this beautifully: “Yes, my parents believe me, but my friends laughed at me and my teacher asked my parents to come to school and asked them what was going on with me.”


The material world has been created so that we fully believe in it and can enjoy it entirely. To enjoy all its details and its beautiful limitations. We cut ourselves off from the unlimited world so that we could perceive individual stimuli. When we are unlimited, we know how all the tastes of the world taste - we have everything within us and therefore nothing at the same time. The fun is enthusiasm from the taste of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, durian ...

When we are no longer entertained by matter, we begin to return to the astral plane, and even as adults we can learn to see, perceive and also spend a short time in the astral realms. (Which implies we can ​​communicate with those who have gone to the astral realms forever, i.e. with the deceased).

Children can see astral beings / the deceased

Children can see beings and speak with them. Our daughter was often visited by a deceased grandfather whom she had never known at all, yet she was able to describe him perfectly and tell us stories about parts of his life. She knew more about him than we did, and we had to go ask grandmother for all the details of their lives.

Children can see astral bodies/energy

On several occasions, my daughter pulled me into the bathroom where it was totally dark and enjoyed my astral glow. She exclaimed enthusiastically: “Mom, you are shining. What a beautiful fairy you are!”

A ghost in the house

We receive an email several times a week telling us that the writer’s child(ren) can see a being in the apartment, and even adults in that home feel some kind of strange presence. After we focus our mental energy into that home, we describe what we saw to the family, what kind of being was there, and our description always corresponds with the one that the parents had obtained from their child, even though we had not known it before.

If you happen to have an unwelcome guest at home, first ask them to leave. If that doesn’t help, just tap into your strongest feelings by saying: “You have nothing to do here. This is our space only.” Visualize yourself building an imaginary impenetrable wall around your apartment where the entire space is filled with a white loving nebula. It may seem to you to be pure fantasy but this act will actually push out all unwanted beings from your flat/house.

We all come to this world from the astral one and gradually accept its material character. We let this world absorb us first, then give it up again over time and return back to the astral plane.

If you want to naturally see the astral plane, start practicing aura vision. You will learn this ability in only one evening and it is an essential skill for every astral traveler.

Children remind us of the fact that there is also something else that differs from matter. It is through them that we once again meet the intangible world, beings and supernatural events and we have the opportunity to remember that there is something beyond what we are used to.

Let me tell you one more thing: Beings are not scary at all. Please accept the fact that they are people just like you, but they no longer have material bodies. Their charisma remains and so do their memories, experiences … it is still them. So why should we be afraid of them? Let’s be completely natural.

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