Exorcism - straightforward instructions

... The only thing left is the attic where you can hear footsteps and pounding. We are coming in with the woman who owns the house and the room gets tight. Something… has begun to happen. The being has spoken and the owner of the house moves at a distance from us.

The being was standing in the middle of the room but there was nothing unpleasant about her. Just the contrary: she wanted to help!

Establishing communication with a deceased spirit

About 150cm tall, her head drooping, she didn’t know what to do next. She was sad. I apologize for disturbing her and told her that I was going to help because apparently neither she nor the owners were happy together. She immediately started to behave more nicely to me and although she didn’t trust me very much, she wanted to try anything that might help. I explained to her the way to follow, what she was going to feel, how she was supposed to react, why to do this or that, and finally, we set off for that journey together.

At first, she didn’t believe it, but suddenly, in a flash, she understood everything. She did what I advised her and it helped her to get away. In a short while it was certain that she was not being held to this house anymore and she could even go anywhere. Then she let me guide her in a direct way which helped her to leave the material sphere to continue her journey further.

Now, she was free and happy...

The room fell silent and was empty despite all the surrounding furniture… Surely now the human occupants of the house will live a more peaceful life.

Even nature spirits visits households

Enriched with a nice experience, I walked through the other rooms and found a surprised being, about 40 centimeters tall. It immediately hugged my leg and held it tight. It told me that it was its room and it liked what it was doing there. It was intrusive, almost unpleasant, quite the opposite of what I had just experienced. It was that being which had been behind all the mischief!!! I immediately banished it from the house because it was a nature spirit that changed its behavior among people. In nature, it will return to its peaceful existence. Now the house is cleaned and its inhabitants live in peace and love again.

Everyone needs a little loving help

I left joyful, thinking about these meetings because they truly had been wonderful. All beings want to be happy but those who can’t make it themselves just need a little help from others.

Exorcism, pleasant instructions

If you happen to have essentials, astral beings or ghosts at home, you may want to try the following simplified procedure:

1) Find a pleasant position for your body to stay in for a while. Now create peace in your mind. In this state, try to experience the most beautiful feelings such as love, friendship, joy … the choice is up to you.

2) Use visualization (very strong imagination) to create a protective circle around you that will follow you anywhere you go.

3) Enter the room where the being is located and light a candle. Place it in the middle of the room, with a deep inner desire to help and cleanse the space concerned.

4) Now stay on one side of the room, wherever you have a good view. Revive the most beautiful thoughts, your protective circle, joy, intention to help. Ask God, the Universe, Providence, Nature (whichever is pleasing to you) for help.

5) You will feel comfortable all the time and it also helps the beings concerned because they will be able to see that you are trying to help them. Try to look around with a widened look, perhaps you will see a hazy cloud. If you do, you have just encountered the being concerned, but you don’t have to see it. All you have to do is talk to them as if you were talking to a good friend.

6) Introduce yourself, tell them about your problem and state that you would like to help them. You will explain to them that they will feel better when they leave. For example:

“I came to say goodbye to you because we both live in this house. But this is my place and your place is in Nature, there is no use for you to live here. So I’m going to help you get out of this place because something seems to be holding you here. When you see the soft white light, let us help you be happy again. It will certainly be beautiful for you, you will be back where you have to be and won’t be sad just like you have been here till now. You’ll feel better again.”

7) Now ask the help of God, Providence, Nature… from above. At the same time think again of all the above mentioned good things like love, help, joy and expand your activity across the room. Fill the room with white loving power.

8) At this moment, only you and the creative power you have created are in the room. Feel how relieved you are, how breathable it is now, feel the peace and comfort.

9) Try to feel yourself again, break the protective circle and live your life. Forget about the being as quickly as possible – if you do not do that, you might actually call the being back.

From the perspective of the being(s) concerned

The being(s) felt a lot of creative (good, positive) force coming to them and either used it as advised and they were able to break away from the place concerned, or ignored it. Despite ignorance, the force brought them back to where they were supposed to go on to live.

If you happen not to feel the relief and the clean room and still feel that something is wrong or that the being is still moaning, you should repeat the procedure every day. This will make a stronger impact through your action, improve your mind control and your household will be more under your control every day.

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