How to protect yourself in the astral sphere

You often ask us how to protect ourselves when encountering unwanted beings or negative influence. It is necessary to say that these experiences occur very rarely in the astral world and mostly because of our own uncontrolled thinking and fear. When we fear beings and travel astrally, there is a chance that we will encounter beings there. Once we are set up so that astral travel is safe and loving, it will be as such. In the astral world, all our thoughts become reality in an instant. Therefore, in the training of astral travel, we devote ourselves first to preparation, mastery of our own mind, self-knowledge, the ridding of all fears and questions, and only then we go into the pure practice of astral travel.


Let us provide you here with a very strong protection that is sufficient enough even in the most difficult moments. But it is necessary to keep the mind within clear intentions when creating the protection. Therefore adjust the length of the process to suit your needs. It is a good idea to do this exercise several times a day to gain confidence and practise, and during astral travel we did not have to laboriously search for thoughts but everything was clean and intuitive. At the same time, such protection will help you maintain a good mood during the day and be more conscious of yourself.

1. Visualize a stream of white light force descending from above and entering into your head, gradually filling your entire body with it. If any gray-coloured forces happen to be present in you, they are instantly transformed by the light into white ones, or if necessary, they are dissipated through your feet right into the ground.

2. Once your body is perfectly filled with white helping and healing force, let it radiate through you and into the space around you in at a distance of 1 meter from your body. When accumulating the force intensely, it can be observed by others as a light nebula around your body.

3. Finally, build a protective sphere around the accumulated nebula. The best way is to use your white force again to create a protective envelope around you.

This structure can be quite easily compared to that of an egg. The yolk symbolically represents the physical body, the white is a one meter deep nebula and the egg’s shell is your protective barrier. Create this protection or protective sphere all around you, surround yourself with these auxiliary creative and protective forces. It must be possible to feel the protective envelope almost physically present around you. The more intensively you can feel it, the better it is going to protect you – because, after all, it is you who creates your life.

You are always in your Force

It is appropriate to visualise and feel the protection in the morning, during the day as well as in the evening. Accept entirely the fact that you are now in your own Force, on your own life path, following the one you have created yourselves.

When you become astral travellers, you will literally feel your astral strength almost as your own property. You will feel it as your own world because you literally create your world, giving other people the chance to experience it… This is why you should enjoy your world. Create your own world.

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