Audio Meditations for peace and knowledge

Reality reflects our own thoughts…

That is why it is in our highest interest to experience only the best thoughts, but that is not always so easy. Here we are depressed from bad work, we fall asleep with our head full of worries and we cannot rest, in the morning we wake up tired and unmotivated. Sooner or later, illness comes with this lifestyle. Children, spouse, work, the chaos of modern times. How to maintain a good mood and positive thoughts in such a world? 

Whether we are realist, materialist, optimist, phlegmatic or melancholic, it is not fixed. It is a setting of our mind, a skill that we can consciously influence. Just as we can learn to be a speaker, a psychologist, a politician, a bricklayer, an astronaut, so we can learn to look at the world positively and control our thoughts.

Thanks to this skill we will always see the glass half full and our reality will transform exactly according to our will.

If you are among those who want to consciously control their thoughts and create their own lives, we have prepared recordings that will guide you through your mind.

All recordings come to life thanks to Sidris' knowledge, who has been dealing with the phenomenon of thought, deep and out of body states since 2000.

If you have no experience of controlling your own mind, the first two meditations (Observing your mind and Controlling of a single thought) are absolutely necessary for you. It is only with these two skills that you can take over your life and immerse yourself intensely in the stories that await you in the recordings, making the most of them.

12 unique audio meditations

1) Observing your mind

We do not have to accept all thoughts that come into our heads. We will emerge from ideas and learn to be their independent observers. No thought must dominate us. In practice, you can put aside unwanted thoughts, whether negative or positive ones, for which you have no place in your life at the moment (if we want to focus only on one specific activity).

You can have “Observing your mind” free of charge. You can take the following test to see if you need the “Controlling of a single thought” meditation as well:

Choose one item (pencil, apple, tree), set the alarm clock for two minutes, close your eyes and keep in mind only one of your chosen items. If you don't have any other thoughts (or a maximum of 3 thoughts for a few seconds), you can control your mind and the first two meditations are not crucial to you.

🎁 We will send an audio meditation “Observation of your Mind” to your e-mail for free:



2) Controlling of a single thought

Thanks to the skill of clear focus, we can all live a better quality of life and experience it more intensively. We will focus only on one idea we choose, and everything else is no longer important to us. We pursue our goal, save time, we are more efficient.


3) Communication with a baby

It is one of the most powerful experiences for mothers during pregnancy. Learn to communicate with your baby before holding it in your arms.


4) The best day

Meditation designed to wake up and motivate in the morning for the best possible results. We recommend that you set this recording as an alarm clock, so we will send it to your inbox as well. We really do not know a better start to the day than to consciously wake up, organize our thoughts, support our best qualities and enthusiastically create our best day.


5) Healing meditation

Whether it is a cold or a serious long-term problem, most of our illnesses come from uncontrolled thoughts. Supporting healing through calming the mind and learning self-healing is a logical step, so we have a wonderful story for you. Let yourself be drawn into it and speed up your recovery.


6) Meditation of calm

After a busy day, it is important to relax and purify the mind, so that we can really regenerate in all aspects at night. In this meditation we will learn everything we need and will never fall asleep with our head full of worries again.


7) Sensing the astral body

We will become acquainted with the initial real feeling of the astral body. It is no longer just a theory, but we go into practice. We will not travel astrally, "only" we will learn to feel our astral body - the first step to successful astral travel.


8) Connecting to the universal force

We will learn to draw pure universal energy, which we then transform into the properties we choose. Will it be peace of mind, love, determination or firmness? It's up to you. P.S .: we will also support intuition :-)

How did you really feel the ascent and the subsequent white stream of force from the universe to your body?

When I ascend, I first feel some vibration in my body and especially in my head. I also feel that, despite having my eyes closed, I see as if they are dazzling. My head always turns spontaneously - a little but quite noticeably. Then, when the light crosses a certain height as it rises, it seems as if the waves spread apart and I feel a slight swing. The ascent continues to the heights and at that moment I observe them, I can say, through the top of my head. When I am filled with a white stream of force from the universe, I feel and see waves of light that come down and fill me. I feel that my head expands and creates space for healing energy. The tension in the head fades away, but the feeling of tingling and breathing of the individual parts remains. I feel the same when filling every body part to my toes. I let myself literally pressurize and then penetrate the white force through my body into my personal space and I inhale it. I feel that my personal space is literally inflated. Radmila

What did you feel when you connected to this force?

Calmness, Love and serenity. When filled with force, first I feel a tickling in my stomach, like when I was a little girl and enjoyed something or was very happy about something, then I feel endless gratitude as tears flow out of my eyes.

How long after meditation did you still feel calm and serenity?

I am feeling this daze, sailing quite long. When I feel that it is weakening, I realize my space and I am balanced again.


9) Inner force

Get to know yourself more in depth and from different angles. A trip inside ourselves to gain self-confidence and self-assurance.

The recording will take you through a fairy tale through a meadow, into a cave and then into a majestic crystal.
Thanks to these three spheres, which metaphorically represent our three worlds (physical, astral and mental), we are able to get to know ourselves in depth and work on our self-confidence.

It illustrates our perception of the physical world. How do you feel about the meadow? How can you perceive everything in detail? Do you have an endless meadow or an ornamental garden? Is your space big or small? What is there?

Symbol of our astral sphere, our charisma, nature… How did you feel here? Do you find your cave pleasant? What was in it? Did you feel hot or cold? How much did you feel at home here? Do you have everything under control? 

Our pure mental body / consciousness. There should be nothing here - just light, love, peace. Maybe you can perceive the universe, the stars. Try to keep it clear. It is you… your highest part that goes through space and time, your essence walking through all lives.


10) Meeting a protective being

Meeting a protective being is always a pleasant experience. Some people will immediately see its shape, only speak to someone from the beginning, but we all feel the infinite loving calm that covers us, opening our innermost guidance. It always directs us on the right path through life.


11) Say goodbye to depression

Depression is a very powerful emotion that can do tremendous things - it can completely control our minds, make us lie in bed, cry, regret. We do not see a way out of our situation. Now is the time to take back all your strength and live a happy life again.


12) To the higher realms and back

Unique meditation to get to know the higher realms, gradually get rid of all thoughts, problems, ego, yourself…. On the way back you will regain everything and enjoy the material world much more. This meditation is meant for those of you who are already advanced in controlling your mind.

This recording is very demanding in terms of the power of our consciousness. Listen only at your own risk - do not interrupt and ensure undisturbed privacy. If you fully immerse yourself in this meditation of knowledge, it may happen at the beginning that you stop perceiving (your consciousness is not strong enough) on the way up to the higher realms, and you begin to perceive again a few minutes later. With each repetition you get higher and higher. When you manage the way up, there is another difficult stretch - the way back to matter. Your consciousness is deprived of absolutely everything in the higher realms, you are in nothingness… on the way down you start to take on all necessary things - ego, sounds, shapes… At this stage the consciousness may fall out again - consciousness is pure and does not have to cope with the burden of being returned to matter. Your perception will start again at a later stage of the recording. Your goal is to fully experience the entire journey and keep your consciousness awake, when you are ready to discover all the secrets of the intangible world.


🎵 How do I play audio meditations?

All audio meditations are available for download in mp3 audio format, which you can easily play on your device (PC, Mac, Android, iOS, Windows…) 

💜 How good are Audio Meditations from

“You're putting me in a magical, beautiful state, completely out.”

“I had to deal with rage for a week, but completely pointless and unreasonable. I was looking for a reason for it. I did not find anything. After the audio recording, I realized that the rage was not mine, it did not come from me, but that it was the energy of the city. The busy lifestyle and the huge nervousness that I will not make it and that increased the rage that I felt. As I lived through this, I calmed down and the anger left me. Very interesting.”

“Audio Meditations are amazing .. the interpretation, the music, the atmosphere is all so naturally perfect that when I played them on my way to work in the morning, I felt goosebumps all over my body (specifically in communication with the protective being). With the wish of the loving rest of the day. ”

“Meditations help me not to have thoughts. I admire them! They are very beneficial. ” Jaroslav

“I bow deeply to your meditations. Perfect work, voice, music, webpages. I was meditating Communication with a baby and it didn't happen. The communication was so gentle, fragile, and I realized that I was like a tank trying to show it everything without subtlety. Even in the tummy, it hears our foolish family and hears my thoughts ... so I "just" sent love and apologized. I'll try later. But meditation is wonderful. ”

“The meditation to the higher realms! It is gorgeous! I perceived the layers, really beautiful! Next time I will try to throw my earplugs out and stay there a little longer!!!”

“Thank you for the Inner force audio meditation, recorded with the exact pronunciation I love so much. You don't leave any letters, it's great, it's good to listen.”

“In the evening I'm going to lie down with an audio meditation from Sidris" Inner Force ". I'm going to the crystal, the force cave, and… I'm coming out a bit with my astral body. I stop feeling the audio recording and I'm 30 cm above my body! I am bigger than the body below me. It was fast, about five seconds, but it was amazing! I perceive neutrally, I go further - I would like to return there. I realized there, that it is  ridiculous to "work before I get out of the pace" or "get upset". I just let everything go, I just was…” 

“Greetings to Jindrich. I understand that you have done your audio meditations fairly and with love. You don't know how to do it differently. Audio Meditations are nice, I play them, but nothing compares to when you personally did it to me. I can't forget that! I would recommend this to all people in today's hectic times. Especially those working. I do that, I recommend you. But until people get a really big personal problem they wouldn't know for themselves, they don't hear much about it. Thank you for the many and many things you have done for me. There is also hardly a day on which I do not remember you with great love. The universe was nice to me for allowing me to meet and know you. ” Regards, Petra

"Audio Meditation To the higher realms and back :" I'm not surprised to forget who we are after reincarnation, when, after knowing nothingness, the pressure on the consciousness is so great that most of us fall out of consciousness and return with it to the body at the end of the recording .”

Meditation Connection to universal force, when I was pulling the universal force into myself it was incredible. I felt strange feelings over my head, the pressure of something so great that I cried from it, but it was a cry of compassion, no despair, joy, something humble and very nice. And that's not all, meditation, To the Higher realms and back, is really challenging, and I was fascinated to see how much I would keep my attention and exactly what you describe for that meditation. Meditation - Meeting a protective being  was fascinating. There was someone who wasn't actually a man or a woman, looking like an angel, but probably it was’t, it was a figure of light, it wasn't talking, but it was just stroking me and we were actually communicating this way. That was really an experience. I have tried almost all the meditations I bought from you and I am really excited about them. I'm experiencing amazing things.”

“Wow, have a nice day Sidris, last time I listened to audio meditation “Controlling of a single thought”, and again I was amazed at how brilliant you were to get my attention in the right direction. I listened to it as part of the astral travel course. Now I am beginning to take things back into my hands, and as far as the deep states are concerned, I decided to share with you that I am sometimes aware of the sacredness of the present moment - life. It is wonderful to separate at least a moment from the energy of thought and just observe it. Sometimes I feel, I perceive different energies. Sometimes I get more or less frightened, even though I know there's nothing to worry about. Maybe only the truth, which sometimes comes to me in a less expected form. Astral creation sounds wonderful. I look forward to it. Have a nice time"

“I've tried Audio Meditation Observing your mind, and I'm convinced that nobody can say that they don't understand it or that there's a problem. For me, tested and satisfied :) ”

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