I am scared and I have many questions

"I have a question, can the moon phase affect astral travel?"

The phases of the moon, the type of clothing, sleeping to the north, and other surviving myths, which unfortunately continue to spread through the Internet, have absolutely no effect on astral travel. Train honestly every day and everything comes naturally.

Is it possible to have physical damage (scars) after astral travel?

This is very unlikely. Personally, we have only one case where there was a slight feeling of burned palms (but there was nothing to see on the body), and this was due to the curiosity of the astral traveler, whether it was possible to transfer the damage from the astral body to the physical one.

So it may happen when you allow it, or you are longing for this proof. Our reality is a reflection of our thoughts and wishes. But even then, there will be a need for a really strong focus to immediately manifest the idea into the physical world. Your material body cannot compromise anything without your permission.

I don't see well so I wear glasses in reality. How would I see during astral travel?

We wear glasses only in the material world, it is the limitation of material eyes. We do not need eyes in the astral spheres and we perceive reality in a different way - as through our whole being. As if our peripheral vision expanded to at least 180 degrees. On the contrary, we can strengthen our material eyes with astral force, thus improving our vision and gradually getting rid of our glasses.

Is it possible to travel astrally, for example, at school during class, without anyone noticing it, just with the head down over a book?

Yes, we can - if we have astral travel perfectly mastered, or we have a predisposition to it. It is not a normal ability, but we once experienced in our lecture that a woman stepped out of body while sitting on a relatively uncomfortable chair and astrally walked on Charles Bridge, while we were only doing deep body relaxation and giving people instructions on how they could astral travel at home.

Nevertheless, we advise you to appreciate the body and take a comfortable and safe position for astral travel so that it can relax completely.

Can I foul myself accidentally during astral travel?

The moment we travel astrally, our body is in deep relaxation similar to good sleep. So if you do not suffer from it in your sleep, it will not happen even during astral travel.

We discuss many other questions during our lectures on astral travel, disproving the rooted myths about the danger and complexity of astral travel.

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