The beginnings of Astral Traveling - Your Experience

The beginnings of astral travel can be very different for everyone. While someone is standing at his bed instantly and can set out to explore the non material world, others move step by step and experience the feelings of a small child who is only learning to see and walk in the astral world.

Today we have three short stories for you from people who have begun to enter the astral world but they are only learning about it.

Martin, student of <Astral.University>

Sunday 16.6. I wake up at around 8 am to the sounds of my family having breakfast in the kitchen. I write down my morning dreams and go for a drink and lie back in bed. I lie down on my side toward the white wall by the bed, which is my favorite sleep position.

Suddenly, there is a state between wakefulness and sleep, which amazes me a lot, as I was not trying to make an astral ascent. I take this chance with enthusiasm and somehow intuitively push my astral body toward the white wall.

Nothing happens for a while, and I think it didn't work again, but the opposite is true. I see a white wall and I think even a portion of a drawer that I have by my bed. I think of hovering and I feel hovering, then I just see a hazy white color, maybe I was too close to the wall.

I can't control my mind, which always says "body, body, body," and even if I don't want to, I find myself in it, but with a happy feeling. Time from about 5-10 sec.

Tuesday 18.6. I wake up again after eight o'clock, write down my dreams and lie down again to catch up with a new dream experience. After some time I am again in a state between waking and sleeping, excited and pushing the astral body forward.

I have been trying for astral ascent for more than six months, so I did not expect it to happen again so soon. What amazes me most is that the separation state came by itself when I didn't even think about it. But if I try to do it almost every night, I can't. I get out of the body and as I lie back against the wall with my physical body, I see white. Somehow I got to the center of the room where I noticed my mirror. I think that I want to stand firmly with my feet on the ground, and I stand.

I look in the mirror and see my astral body in the shape of a glazed silhouette with crystal reflection. Then I just think that I want my eyes open so that I can confirm that this is reality. So I find myself in the physical body and I know that was it. I'm just annoyed that I came back so soon. Time between 10-15sec.


Hi, it happened to me yesterday too: I tried astral projection, which I've been trying for a long time, but fear blocked me. Yesterday, I finally said out loud that I am not afraid and believed in my guide who would accompany me. And wonder, finally something was happening, but I didn't get out completely, but the feelings you describe were quite similar. At first, I felt strange, as if my head was going to blow up, with the addition of spinning. It was strange, and although I didn't make it, I fell asleep with a feeling of joy - now I know it will work ...

Pavel, student of <Astral.University>

Today, after morning meditation, I was still lying down. I closed my eyes and turned on my side. After about two minutes, I got into a known altered state of consciousness. Paralysis of the body, roaring in the ears and strong vibrations. I stayed calm and decided to move out of the body. I tried to sit up, but something held me in my body and I felt cumbersome. Then I tried the technique of getting out through my head.

Suddenly I felt weightless. I felt like I was hovering over the physical body, but I still couldn't see anything. I have had problems lately with my eyesight whenever I get out of body.

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