Meeting with a partner in lucid dream. Story and guide.

There are no compulsive needs like fatigue and thirst… Do you want to be on a private island? Just think about it! Do you want to fly? Immediately you feel your body, just like in normal reality, as it is in the air, with all the feelings that birds experience in flight! Yes, we all know it, these dreams are among the most popular and you can indulge them every night, consciously!

Why lucid dreaming?

You will have a completely open playground for creating the desired reality. Here you can literally do anything from playing to creating real projects that you test in a dreamlike reality and then just create them in matter. At the same time, you are aware of yourself during your sleep. After all, it's not okay to fall asleep in the evening and wake up in the morning and lose control of yourself for about 8 hours ... for what? to whom?

The basis is a day you spent in a conscious way, a day in which you live the most beautiful life. Normal daily states and dream states are interconnected. You know it, you fall asleep in love in the evening, and you say to each other, “Let’s dream together” and it really does happen sometimes! 

The ability to live consciously and in dreams thrives with a long-term intention. In the evening, let the physical body fully relax, and just before falling asleep, we tune into the idea of ​​“Consciously dreaming, controlling my dream reality”.

Fact: Most people interested in conscious dreams don’t go deep enough and stop trying very soon. Yes, you can only try conscious dreams… or go much, much further. Whoever does so will no longer cease, for they will find great force and knowledge, understanding this world. But it requires a real desire for knowledge, because what we find is unexpectedly perfect. For example, some Rulers of the Force specialize in dreaming and achieve amazing results that go beyond matter…

Dream reality

What does a lucid dream or even a partner lucid dream look like? I will bring you to the state of falling asleep, when the falling into a dream was sudden. I find myself in a long corridor, standing in a line of people waiting to open the classroom door. The reality is very true, everything is perfect, only the floor is without details and the corner is slightly undulating. My girlfriend is standing in front of me, I am looking at her, but she doesn’t recognize me. „What’s going on? Why isn’t she talking to me? ”

Awareness of the dream is crucial

That’s the moment I got it all! I do not go to school anymore, I have never been to this place and it is impossible for my partner not to know me! I’m in a dream! This is where the dream reality begins to fall apart, the floor is supple and my mind has just freed itself from the subject. I’m still in the hallway, but I know I can do anything with my thoughts now!

I remember an interview during the day, when my girlfriend wanted to take me to school. “That’s why I’m in such a strange place! We are in her dream”. At that moment, I knew that I shouldn’t change the created dream quickly, otherwise my girlfriend will wake up and lucid dreaming will be over. So I’m standing in my place and looking at the people around us, I still don’t know anyone, I’m with her classmates. I look in the eyes of my girlfriend, she looks at me and still does not recognize me, looks a second time, nothing… third time, nothing… but on the fifth time her eyes lit up, she runs to me immediately and we hugged each other for a long time.

But we’re still in her dream. She’s saying we’re late! We are coming into a class already full of students. And this is the moment I enjoyed, for I am in a dream! Let’s see how far the girlfriend lets it go.

Play with the dream and change it

I’m entering the class with my head up and I let both the professor and classmates greet me in a great way. I’m taking my seat while my girlfriend falls deep into the dream reality again and is taking another seat. The lecture begins. In the dream it wasn’t giving us any high quality information, but rather the experience of an important session.

I have an idea: “Well, no, it’s our dream, so let’s enjoy it”. I am taking over the initiative and asking questions about specific topics, although I know nothing about them, but because I am of course connected to the dream Consciousness, in a moment I master everything and I’m giving a lecture. (Consciousness, Dream Consciousness, Astral Consciousness, or the Akasha Library is the source of all knowledge, a kind of wikipedia, or the collective consciousness of all beings where all thoughts are written). And finally my girlfriend got it! “That’s ridiculous, why am I not sitting with Sidris and what kind of things is he saying here?”

At that moment, my girlfriend woke up to a dream reality and fully experienced the possibilities that we have. She also starts talking about technical questions and we chuckle at the fun situation that the more we wake up, the less we are connected to the dream environment and the more the dream tries to draw us back. But … we really don’t want to be here, let’s rush to enjoy another beautiful place!

Create your dream reality: what about the tango?

We are located in a fragrant attic room lit by candles. “Um, what can we try to get started? Dance!!”. The music starts, our hands are intertwined, and the bodies prepared for a dance move … So beautiful, we dance like we do in everyday life! But here we can do more! We want to dance Tango De La Muerte as professionals! And at that moment there was a perfect dance, filmed into every movement! Only our faces giggle at the enthusiasm of a world of limitless possibilities!

There are no compulsive needs such as fatigue and thirst… You just fulfill your desires! 

How the self-preservation instinct of a dream reacts

This time I wanted to be surprised by a common dream … And it was an initial mistake that will be shown in the next paragraphs of our story … because I stopped leading and the dream started to lead me … What other reality will he come up with?

In a moment we’re in a huge room like a castle or town hall in no time! We are waiting, but nothing happens…. For a long time we just plant some trees, feel the stream of the air through the stairs, the warm air, and the room is more pleasant.

A good friend is coming through a huge front door, so we run to him and call each other “Come on, it will be fun, we’ll try to wake him up, too.” We run after him and ask what the weather is like outside. He looks through the front door and says it is snowing. We chuckled, changed the weather instantly, “What about now?”we ask. He stood as if nothing was happening, saying that the sun was shining. But it didn’t seem strange to him that the weather was changing so we change the weather slowly every second! But he is steadily leaving and following his own path. Well, some people can be shown anything, but they don’t wake up.

Tip: Experience conscious dreams only with people who are consciously interested in the journey of Dreamers. Even in everyday life, sometimes you do not explain something specific to a friend who is not interested in it, let alone in a dream…. Don’t waste your dream consciousness and force unnecessarily.

You always have to know what you want, otherwise the dream will take the lead

Failed interaction and conversation with a good friend drew me into the reality of a dream and he began to guide me through his story. My girlfriend has already returned back to her physical body and I was visited by a local councilor, who was very upset that we were just changing the weather as we wanted. He said he wanted to light a candle to settle the situation and if I had nothing against it. I did not object, but this mere conversation, this distraction drove me back into the dream of a candle and a dreamlike environment with a large room full of people. I still knew it was a dream, but I was no longer in control.

Be the active creators of your dream

I was wondering what would happen next, so I just waited on the chair and waited for what was going to happen. Before I realized that I was beginning to submit to the dream, and I would soon lose my mind. I helped myself by saying “I am the Ruler of the Dream Force, not an admirer of dreams, but their creator!”

If I succumbed to the beautiful feeling that I was in the most interesting story of all time right now, I would be just a puppet in the story again, as it happens in ordinary dreams. “But I will not give up my lucid dream, no, I just won’t!” I began to influence the dream again, but it was revived through the counselor! I still create light, he darkness, light, darkness, light, darkness … And in that moment I come to the understanding that I dream the councilor’s reality! He (councilor = dream) is trying to persuade me that I am making light and he makes darkness. Therefore in a moment I calm the mind and all creation ceases…!

SOS: My personal dream world

I find myself already in a well-known sphere where one is happy with oneself. Nothing itches, he doesn’t need anything, he doesn’t think about anything. Man is happy here… Feeling of peace, love and safety…

By entering this Personal Dream Sphere, I once again came to another real-life understanding that there was nothing important in the World, there was nothing we had to do, possess, gain… There were no qualities that were good / bad, fine / coarse , light / dark .. It’s all just a game we chose to get experience, experiences and understanding. Therefore, if we go beyond the material world, the world of dreams, and far, far away, we find that nothing is everything and everything is nothing. Just happiness…

A conscious awakening is worth it

At the moment of this understanding, I was returned to the material body and experienced no awakening, but the observation of my body, quite real… and then the conscious opening of my eyes, with my body in full force!

We are all able to have the experience of conscious dreaming, we can go much further in our dreams. Why let yourself be carried away at night by an often pointless and confusing story without our participation, when we can live not only by day, but consciously even at night, when the body is resting!?!

Very effective instructions

To gain the ability to experience conscious lucid dreaming you should spend a little time each day

1) Master your mind through these instructions instructions.

2) Fall asleep every night with a conscious thought and a desire to consciously dream “I consciously dream”. Repeat this until completely asleep.

3) Reality check: There are many ways to do this test. We were most effective in stopping during the day as often as possible, looking around to see if everything was real, and then doing an unrealistic thing. For example, using the idea to create a tree in front of you. Everything has to be taken very seriously, as if we are able to create a tree - in a dream you can do this and realize immediately what is going on.

4) Journaling dreams: Yes, not a very entertaining activity for most people, but absolutely necessary for lucid dreams. In the morning after waking up, write down all your dreams and read your diary in the evening before going to bed and relive the dream in the waking state as realistically as possible. This will greatly increase your chances of finding yourself in the same dream again and waking up in a dream will become just one step away.

Congratulations! Sooner or later it will come to everyone, just hold on, dear friends!

As Rulers of the Force, we actually meet in a dream

Let’s go much further… as a small example, let’s meet more friends consciously, really, and conclusively, and share very specific information! However, this way of life should be devoted to all participants. Therefore, conscious lucid dreams are actually being learned on the path of the Ruler of the Force.

What is your experience?

“When it comes to getting to know the subtle world, it is gradually opening up to me. In the beginning after your lecture on Astral Travel and Conscious Dreams, on the same day I was dreaming that I thought I wanted to ascend astrally and “separated” in that dream world and had great freedom there and saw everything beautifully live and could fly and test everything. In fact, such a nice simulation and preparation for astral travel. The experiences are gradually increasing. It is often in the dream worlds that are already defacto created and I often remember them when I get there. I have a lot of such worlds and I return to them every night. I love the possibility of realizing that I can fly and just watch the trees. This is always the best experience for me. ” 


“I woke up in the morning and was still in a light nap. Suddenly I realized that I wanted to try to leave the body again, so I imagined how the consciousness separates and I feel the astral body. Then in about 10-15 seconds I separated from my body and flew out – I could normally walk in the room and fly. It was an evening at that moment, and I saw my body lying on the bed, and as I flew over my fiancée, I saw her notice something, but she didn’t know what, so she continued to sleep again. Meanwhile, I was trying to make sure that what I was seeing was real. So I flew through the window and hovered above the street at a higher altitude. But suddenly I realized that this was not a typical astral travel because there was a flood on our street and turned into a river. There was about a meter of water on the sidewalk, and a guy in work gear (reflecting light – he also had a headlamp on his head) held a map in front of him and consulted someone else. Everything was very real and it was amazing that I could fly, which is my favorite discipline in all these experiences and just observe everything and realize how real it is to look at. I fully perceive all the senses, I can feel the body that is so pleasant and as if it is charged with the energy that I can feel. Although it was obviously Lucid Dreaming (but livelier than I’ve ever experienced and even in a room!), It was a great experience. ” 


“I had a normal dream where, in the end, it seemed to me that my teacher (who taught us high school physics – a very principled woman aged over 70 years) asked us to translate two A4 papers from English into Czech. So I was working on it and translating when she suddenly said that we had to hand over the dictation that was just being written, but I was translating so I couldn’t handle both. So I was angry and tried to explain to her that it was impossible to do both. But she didn’t understand, so I got mad and realized that I could actually fly. Then, all of a sudden, I was standing in the centre of the town Karlovy Vary (The Market) and slowly floated and gained more and more awareness and more real experience until it was absolutely strong and real and I was flying at high altitude and speeding up. I flew extremely fast as a jet and enjoyed it perfectly! Absolutely great! The entire flight lasted about 15-20 seconds, but it was an absolutely amazing experience, then I felt that the body was slowly returning to life. I tried to endure it for a while, but it was not possible, so I woke up. I experience these experiences when I feel the astral body at least 30-40 minutes before going to bed and learn to be consciously in the present moment and hold my consciousness even though the body is so relaxed and would like to sleep. And so I keep conscious until I fall asleep. So I continue training to be without thoughts, then I come to an expanded state / trance in which I stay for another 20-30 minutes before I fall asleep. ”

My Astral Body

Get to know life independently of your material body

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