What contract did we all sign?

You are in your body right now, but how was it before? What did you go through? You enter the Earth as a Soul and accept local rules and laws, but not the ordinary ones you know ... What did you conclude in the form of a soul agreement before birth? 

§1) You will receive a body. This body is new and unique. Nobody else will have the same body.
§2) You will receive a brain. It would be to your advantage to use it.
§3) You will receive a heart. You will get the best results when your heart and brain are used in harmony.
§4) You will have lessons. Nobody else will have exactly the same lessons as you will, nor can they be transferred out from you.
§5) You can do whatever you want. Everything you do to others will return back to you.
§6) The lesson is repeated for so long, until it is learned. (Even if it takes more incarnations.) 
§7) This agreement is the same for everybody. There are no privileges, even if some claim so. (Self added changes are not valid)
§8) You will receive mirrors, so you can learn. Many mirrors look like other bodies. They are here to show you what is inside of you. 
§9) If your body is damaged or stops working, you would receive another one. (There may be some waiting periods.)
§10) Incarnation agreements end when all lessons are completed with satisfactory results. 
§11) You decide what is satisfactory!

Useful instructions and tips for incarnation 

  1. To have as much money as possible when you leave your body is not a goal.
  2. There is no bonus for fame and popularity.
  3. You do not have to follow the mistakes of others.
  4. The rules are here so you can examine them.
  5. The goal related advice from others may deviate you from your path.
  6. There is nothing that you can do wrong. It may just take longer to complete it.
  7. Time is an illusion!
  8. You have access to all answers through a special connection through your heart.
  9. Everything in the learning environment responds to radiation from your heart.
  10. Attempts to damage the learning environment lead to limitations.
  11. Nobody can take away responsibility from you.
  12. Violence never solves anything.
  13. It would be interesting to see what kind of situations are being repeated.
  14. Drugs, legal or illegal may distort your perception of lessons.
  15. There is no guarantee that it is ok, even if everybody behaves the same way.
  16. There is very rarely only one right solution.
  17. You can always ask a person for forgiveness.
  18. There are no special appendices for anybody.
  19. You are loved. (Even if you are in the Bronx or Somalia.) Everything else is just an illusion.
  20. Lessons are special opportunities for development and do not have negative intentions.
  21. It could be risky to give your body to somebody else.
  22. There are no advantages for obstructing the development of others.
  23. You have an opportunity (especially overnight) to leave your body.
  24. Memories for out of body experiences are not stored in the body nor brain.
  25. You have a right to play with your body. You need approval from others to play with their bodies.
  26. To copy from others makes no sense!
  27. No insurance contract can save your life.
  28. An incarnation that causes its own end leads to a lot of unnecessary paperwork.
  29. Scientific claims and sacred books cause confusion.
  30. It’s not about being first.
  31. It’s not about looking cold and distant.
  32. Nobody looks better than you in your situation.
  33. You are not the only one who has doubts about the meaning of the incarnation agreement.
  34. It is meaningless to complain about your presence here, you have accepted this agreement.

Autor Jo Conrad, 15.3.2002

Fakt: You will experience this knowledge about yourself right after your first astral travel. Let’s get to know the world behind matter and wake up your consciousness, which you can feel inside of you all the time. Because this is you and your world. 

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