We all naturally transmit thoughts to other beings. However, we can develop them regularly to a conscious telepathic ability. Telepathy is a well-known and scientifically confirmed ability (biologist Rupert Sheldrake). All you have to do is to make a firm decision, just like learning to ride a bike, read, sing or paint. Everything needs exercise, practice and will - these are key skills. The training can last a week, a month or even a whole year.

Below you will find a guide that is purely from our practice and we have obtained countless confirmations from others that ideas can be transmitted telepathically.

Confirm your experiments

In telepathic action we want to avoid mere chance. It is good to be sure that our actions are real. So get a diary (whether in paper or electronic form) where you will record:

1) what thoughts you transmitted

2) what happened within the next 5 to 10 minutes after influencing

You will be surprised how your success will improve after the first ten trials. With regular training you will soon have an uninterrupted series of successful trials, which you will have confirmed.

Act only lovingly and helpfully

The ability of strong telepathy is closed to most people from birth because of the inability to control their lusts, ideas, zero control of their minds, and in addition to this we have a rooted feeling that we must always hide something.

The mystery topic is interesting in itself, and the astral traveler will soon understand that it is merely an illusion of the material world. :)

The moment you begin to open your telepathy ability, you have a great responsibility towards the person you convey your thoughts to. It is your duty to help and act in a creative, supportive way. Do only that which would be pleasant to you and always sense the person before the action to see whether everything is pleasant for them as well.

For this reason, it is practical to form a group of friends who will interact with each other. So everyone will know about each other's telepathic activity, will be willing and enthusiastic for new knowledge.

5 steps to telepathic effect

Person's focus

Close your eyes and imagine the selected person in your mind as clearly as you can. Experience says, only the face is sufficient.

Scenic designation

Create a picture in your head of how a person literally does what you want and it is beneficial for them. Visualize the scene perfectly in your mind for at least 5 minutes, to create a powerful enough charge.

Passing ideas

Add motivational verbal action in the future and then in the present tense. Visualize everything perfectly and add the necessary enthusiasm. Again 5 minutes.

For example: "I WANT to go to the other side of the room and I go to the other side of the room".

Energy of thought

Now for 10 minutes visualize the energy charge in the form of a large white ball that rises from your head constantly up, to space, the Universe, where it then falls down to the head of the selected person, where it is pleasantly stored with all the motivational effects.

Transmission stabilization

Create a one-way energy tunnel between you, or visualize the cylinder from your head to that person's head. You pass on not only the Force but with the Force also the urgent thought of carrying out the action.

Now just wait for 5 to 20 minutes for the desired effect.

What happens while transmitting thoughts?

You transmit your Force with thoughts that belong to you. These are either so strong that the recipient is influenced to take action, or the ideas are disrupted by the recipient, and the recipient retains your pure Force, so the action will not occur.
Often, the recipient has no idea of the foreign thoughts that are so powerfully influencing them, so they go and execute them.

If they do not perform the act, then it is necessary to send a stronger concentration of energy charge. But you rarely come across a person who would not succumb to a just very weak transmission.

The recipient feels an urgent need to execute the idea and then experience the satisfaction from its realization.


Choose people who are busy with everyday things and don't know where their head is. These are the right ones for you, for they do not even know that thoughts can be stopped and foolishly believe that they must complete all the foolish steps.
It does not matter whether the person being influenced is in your or in another country, but it is nevertheless good to have the person in sight all the time for starters. You will work your way to better influence over time.
For starters, choose simple tasks such as relocating a flower pot, playing with a toy, throwing a wet school sponge through the classroom (need to start influence during the break), throwing a pencil into the air, hopping…. There are no limits to ideas if they are child-friendly.
You will have the greatest success with the transferred ideas that the affected recipient will not protest about. That is, what does not seem crazy to them and what they would rather do instead of getting rid of their thoughts.


If, for telepathic influence, you draw only from your life resources of the Force, then after ten minutes of influence, you will be so exhausted that you will fall on your chair and recover for a few minutes.

You are sending your Force to the controlled person… And exhaustion can be prevented from the very first moment when you first connect yourself to the source of the inexhaustible and pure Force, space, the Universe.

Here's a simplified guide on how to do this:
1) The essential is to be able to control your mind. Detailed instructions here.

2) Sit down and focus only on your breathing.

3) Ignore everything completely.

4) Visualize (imagine) an infinite white Force around you. (This Force may surround you, or it may be in the form of a white flow of the Force that begins infinitely far in the Universe)

5) Take all this Force into yourself like a sponge.

6) You can feel like an "instantaneous water heater". You receive infinite energy, which you define for a given action and send it further.

Try increasingly difficult and absurd situations, such as influencing running in the room, singing a specific song, waving hands, leaving the room… But always within limits, so help for a good mood, laughter, joy, caress…

How to obtain telepathic immunity

To protect yourself from outside thoughts, use the Create Your Own Safe Sphere guide
Over time, you will know your mind and want to go further.

Please note that this ability only serves as your personal proof of the existence of the forces between heaven and earth. Do not abuse, on the contrary help.

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