Proof of life after death

It is no secret that our consciousness exists even after it leaves its physical body. Countless people around the world have experienced the abandonment of their bodies and restoration in full memory.

They all experience the same or very similar experiences. This is not exaggerated!

A team of researchers from the University of Southampton, UK, interviewed 330 people who survived cardiac arrest and found that 40% of them were aware of the time when they were declared clinically dead.

According to The National Post, a man in this condition was watching the medical personnel reviving his body, but he was alone in the corner of the room and was able to describe the situation in detail, including the sound of the devices surrounding his "dead" body. He was revived after three minutes and remembered everything.

A similar condition was experienced by Kelli, who, after leaving her body, felt light and all her knowledge remained. The whole experience was part of her consciousness, nothing was separated. She saw her house, her body, and her husband standing above her.

She wasn't upset, she just felt her body float into a vortex that began as a small dot until it expanded into the energy portal. Here the beings of light welcomed her. But inside, Kelli knew that her time had not yet arrived, and at that moment she dropped back into her body. Many people experienced this feeling too!

People want to experience this enlightened state again because their own experiences are very strong.

After leaving the body, people still perceive the world with their eyes. Perception is focused on now. But in this world there is no time in our three-dimensional concept. There are endless possibilities and incredibly valuable experiences that lie right in front of our dimension.

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The more we try to understand and experience this world, the easier it will be to move to the next phase of being. Ancient Egyptians as well as people from the Far East knew about the ascent of the body, leaving us a large number of possible successful practices.

And we've got one of the most effective ones, that we put in the article: Astral Travel guide.

We will continue to supply you with articles not only with our experiences and stories but also with the stories of our closest friends - astral travelers. There are hundreds of us. Will you join us and recognize the world beyond matter?


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