These states are moments when we manage to get rid of all thoughts and only we are. We do not think of breathing, nor of external noises. We find ourselves in a wonderful state of being, where we perceive peace, happiness, love and well-being. All worries go away and we feel reborn after returning. We are talking about an advanced state of mastering your mind - stopping all thoughts.

How to do it?

First, these two previous steps need to be mastered.

Thanks to them we learn to let the thoughts flow freely and we become independent observers of our own mind and in the second step we learn to concentrate firmly on a single thought.

Once we can do this, we can move on.

We recommend that you fully focus on your breathing or part of your body (such as the little finger on your left hand) and stay with this idea for a while. Then move this idea away and enjoy those few moments without any thought. These intervals will continue to increase and deepen. It will not last long and in this relaxing state you will stay for several tens of minutes.

This situation is much easier to maintain than to concentrate fully on one idea.

What will I experience?

Peace, well-being, love, infinity of being. :) It may happen that your body expands (as if it gets rid of its boundaries) and you melt into the space. You may find yourself in white or black space, but even this space will not be important to you at the moment. You're just you....

Astral traveling

This skill and ability has minimal impact on astral travel. For a successful exit from the body, it is crucial to master only one idea: "I am leaving the body." This state of being moves us much higher than astral travel itself. It is important to strengthen our Consciousness - that is, it will allow us to better recall all the details of astral travel, experience lucid dreaming, etc. But you do not need this ability for astral travel itself.

My Astral Body

Get to know life independently of your material body

I want to travel astrally