“It is said that astral travel is so demanding for the body that it can shorten life a bit. Doing it often is not healthy. Tomáš”

Astral travel

The moment you travel astrally, your physical body is lying on the bed and resting. It is in the same condition as if it is sleeping.

In real astral travel, an astral traveler must control their mind and will do so very well, to move beyond their material body. When they no longer have the strength to maintain focus, the material body naturally pulls them to it.

Returning to the body happens easily and mostly spontaneously or unwillingly (thanks to the uncontrolled mind). The moment you celebrate that you have managed to astrally ascend, you are immediately back in your body. :) Therefore, here is a guide to perfect mastery of your mind, without it, you will not stay in astral spheres for long.

Tip: If you can do this, proceed to the next step, which strengthens your consciousness and you will be able to remember all the details of your astral journeys much better.

So your body sleeps and you normally return to it. No fatigue but amazing knowledge! On the contrary, you are overflowing with Force. You feel a real fulfillment and it is a wonderful feeling!

Travel by spirit

And then we have mental travel, which we practice very often, because it is not so demanding for the very act of stepping out of the material body. You leave your material and astral body resting and wandering with your spirit that is not dependent on the surrounding Force, and that is why you feel only peace and quiet when you return to the body. No ecstatic state, but wellbeing.

During mental travel alone, you no longer feel the body, and there is NOTHING or LOVE. The mental travel that I use is even less burdensome because I still feel my body and only move my consciousness as my spirit, but still perceive my body, or at least my surroundings.

We all know mental fatigue

Remember that feeling when you argue with someone and the following days you are completely tired and without Force? Some people may even get sick. The same is true for astral travel when we cross something. But just as we can stop an argument with a partner, we can only travel where we feel good and safe, full of the Force. It is our conscious choice in which spheres we will move. That is why we always make it clear during our courses that participants enjoy their astral travel with childlike joy and well-being.

Thought: You know, I love myself and if it was dangerous I wouldn't do it. In fact, it is dangerous to be an electrician or to take a bus, but astral travel is a natural ability of every person.

We travel from our youth and we still live :)

The act of the performance itself can be somewhat more complicated than “rightly done”. But the return to the body takes place immediately when one simply needs to think and we are in the material body.

If anything happens, it will always help to create your own safe sphere. If you do not want to settle into the material body for a long time (although we really recommend it, because the body will get assurance that it is treated with respect), you may have a glass of cold water with you that almost instantly draws you into the material body.

Everything really just needs practice and then it's the same as when you go for a walk ...

Start astral travel, it's amazing!

You can do it, it's quite natural, and you have that ability in you.

We are astral travelers and we have gone through many difficulties. Thanks to this, we know exactly what and when you will experience it. What would it be like to have a chance to get to know us more? You can prepare for astral travel through our personal experiences. Not only in theory, but above all in practice. You can do it with us! You can experience it safely at the online Astral Travel course.

Join and experience something wonderful and indescribable in words. Something that must be experienced firsthand.
End of talking, now it is time for practice: Online Astral Travel Course


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