2-week course for understanding and mastering of your mind - for free

Mind - our closest partner. It is so close to us that many of us identify with it. I = mind. Thoughts come to us and leave again by themselves. Everything happens naturally and spontaneously, just like breathing or heartbeat. Why should we pay any attention to our mind?

Have you ever wondered about the phrase "The thought struck me" ?

struck = hit

How many times have we shouted in joy, "Hey .. a great idea struck me!" Pretty absurd situation.  😁

We are not our minds, and not at all our thoughts ... we are completely something else, the kind of inner self you feel inside yourself. We can not only stop our mind, but most importantly - we can train it so well that it will not be our master, but a good servant or companion.

How many times have you been so desperate in your life that an unpleasant thought kept coming back and carrying painful emotions? How many times do we miss important information because our mind is "somewhere else." Any addiction is only a strong thought that we are subject to again and again.

The uniqueness of one's mind

We have been dealing with the phenomenon of thinking since 2000 and during that time we have discovered many aha moments - for example, with a simple question, we can determine whether "your" thoughts are really "yours" or you automatically accept everything that comes from your surroundings. This way we can discover whether you are consciously creating your life, or you are running on automatic, and you are rather dragged through your life.

Will you answer this test question like 70% of people, or will you be among the 30% who choose only the best ideas?

In this 2 week free course, we will go through pure practice and we will understand our own mind. At the same time, we will also train it properly, so we can live our own lives. The mind directly forms our reality, it is at the beginning and at the end of our daily life.

Will you accept the idea of cleaning the kitchen or going to play a game on the computer? Will you stick with the idea of a moderate diet, or will you succumb to the temptation of an ice cream cup? What will be your thoughts and thus your life?

There are 7 videos waiting for you, to go through the basic exercises and questions about our mind. 14 days is the essential time during which you can already see the first major changes in your thinking. Therefore, do everything honestly and as best as you can. At the end of the course, we will take you to deep meditation, where you will consciously create your perfect life and find a way to materialize these ideas into reality. To do this, really take 14 days to devote to your mind and your life.

Do you like this particular idea? Does it have a role in your life? If so, apply below and welcome to a course in which you will know, understand and master your own mind.