Other states of (un) consciousness - what are they like in personal experience?

Our life is very rich in learning about the various states of consciousness that we experience both in and out of the material body. We have put together the most common states of (un) consciousness and we describe them according to the experiences of astral travelers.


You are experiencing a deep to difficult dream from which you do not want to be awakened. If you already have experience of astral travel, or with very deep meditations, then you are enjoying fainting completely consciously and observing what is happening around your material body. You can also get into the white or black sphere and feel peace and quiet. This is a state above Matter, but it requires great self-control.


During sleep, we find ourselves in various worlds that we perceive realistically and do not doubt their reality. We find ourselves in a kind of automatic storyline and let ourselves be drawn by the story. When the material body is asleep, where are we for those 8 hours? Let's be completely conscious in a dream.

Conscious Lucid Sleep

You are fully aware that you are in a dream. It is a feeling that must be experienced. You are in a dream and you know that you can do anything - most often we fly here, visit our friends, look below the sea level, become an invincible superhero. But these are just the beginnings. In advanced consciousness, you can really connect with other people and experience the same dream.  The story is here.

We learn all this on the path of the student of <Astral.University>, or this ability naturally awakens with astral travel

Knowledge of after-death states

We experience this state during meditation, regression therapies, and astral travel. Especially in astral travel, we receive confirmations and proofs that are more real than the material world itself. Because we exist, we are directly in the astral world, and we only "play" in the Material World…

Deep states with overlap into past lives

You are looking there at your well-preserved real "video", several centuries old. You may find a record of the beginning of everything, but also of the future. Why are you just like that and have such wonderful preconditions to enjoy this world here? What does the lesson of your real past lives tell you right now about the present life? Very pleasant experience. Especially when you are guided by our dear therapist. Know your meaning in life and enjoy it.

Astral travel

You feel, see, and perceive everything the same, but you hover over the body. You just have to experience this out of the body experience, it cannot be explained or imagined. You are unlimited in space and time. Everything is much, much more real than when you are reading these lines right now. You are now in the limited material world, but as soon as you can rise above the Matter for a few seconds, you immediately understand everything. You perceive the whole world as it really works. And during other astral travels, you can work with astral force…. And that is why we have created the Online Course Astral Travel, or we meet directly at the video conferences of the student of <Astral.University> journey.

Mental travel

You feel and perceive all emotions, you see the world, but matter loses its shape. The colors, shapes, and sounds themselves are no longer so important. Experiencing is more like a fog, because experiences are no longer important here. You are. However, when traveling to the lower, i.e. astral and material spheres, you perceive the emotions and thoughts of the people to whom you can connect. You are very intuitive and you are in a wonderful calm state.


I managed to hold my Consciousness and perceive everything during hypnosis. Yet I had no will for my experiences and behaviors. I perceived everything as in a dream. At one point, I felt myself from a big distance and watched my body laugh and there was nothing I could do about it. I underwent hypnosis to know another state of consciousness, but I would not recommend it to anyone - you do not have your own will, you submit it to the hypnotist and you can hope that they will not take advantage of the situation.Terí Sidris


You are between the material and astral worlds, enjoy it, because you are just experiencing a very deep knowledge of yourself and the raw reality, that is, what makes up this world. We must awaken it on the journey of the student of <Astral.University>.


Gradually we become aware of higher states of consciousness, or conscious astral travel, but it is no longer possible to return to the former material body. We go through several phases:

We do not control the body, stress,
we want to return to it, can't, anxiety
we want so many things…
we understood we don't want anything…
we don't do anything anymore, we want peace
we really experience peace
we experience a higher state, we do not need anything, we feel happiness
we feel that we are, but there is no matter and time
we have very weak emotions, I am light, space disappears
I'm just light
I am just
I am
It is possible to skip the initial states with meditation, mental and spiritual practice. It is possible to return to lower states, with constant desire. 

Substances for influencing the mind 

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