They died - let's celebrate their beautiful life

The moment a friend leaves us from matter, we can visit them for a while thanks to astral travel (instructions here). This out of body experience is completely natural and with the right instructions, everyone can awaken it in themselves. But what is it like? I would like to share with you the story of my astral journey to a very wise man who could no longer return to the material body.

The story of astral travel to the deceased

… As soon as I was with him with my astral and mental body, he wanted to return to the material body on Earth at all costs so that he could pass on a message to the mourners. We were together for a long, very long time, and he kept telling me his life story. He felt hopeless, and he did not know what to do because he wanted to live in material reality, but he himself realized that it was no longer possible.

The first days after death

your friend is still with you, although astrally as a soul. Yet they perceive impressions much more intensely than in the material body. Treat them as if they had the most beautiful birthday of their life. 

Congratulate them, how good a life they have lived, help them remember what they have experienced and accomplished.

Show them your memories, show them how they helped you. Think of them in a good way and help them to fulfill their sense of the good life. Be proud of them, just as they are true to themselves. You both deserve it. It is not important that they do not have a material body, but that they are now with you and passing on your support to each other. Support them with good thoughts, really only good ones. It means a lot of help for them.

The fact that they do not have a material body does not mean that they are not waking up with you right now and that they are not with the whole family and friends and that they are not just walking around the trees… Therefore help them to fill up with peace so that they can really leave this local matter and move to higher states of existence.

The joy from experiences 

We were going through his life and he stopped me in time during his studies, when he and his friend tried alcohol and enjoyed a real student life - he laughed a lot because they even climbed out of the window. 🙂

He was excited about it, and at that moment it was as if a train of memories and experiences had been released, and the man had reviewed his entire life, family, children, successes and experiences, and only now, at this moment, he admitted that although he did not like it, that his material body was gone, he was proud that he had lived life to the fullest. He was happy for everything he had achieved and experienced in his life, with great self-control, but also emotional support for the whole family.


The man felt great discomfort from the mourners, who drew him back into matter with their thoughts. Thus the man, now a permanent astral traveler, could not leave the local astral realms, despite his painful efforts.

After death understanding 

During this important astral conversation, the man realized that he was living a good life. That he could do nothing anymore for other people and that he had acted as best he could all his life. He is happy now.

To the afterlife spheres and above 

Now was the time for the man to leave everything that was no longer important. We traveled together to higher realms for knowledge, a world that can be defined as Heaven, when we stop wanting earthly goods and keep connections to other people and families. We are happy, we feel light well-being, peace and there are only hints of colors, shapes and sounds. Thanks to this act, the man understood the meaning of his life story. He knew that now it was up to him what he wanted, but that there was nothing that he must do, no obligations.

Curiosity: The decision to stay in the astral realms is natural after death, because we still want to be with the family for some time. Until we feel internally that we really can't do anything here anymore and that we can really afford to move on. In the same way, when the man of our story wants, he will go on. He will let go of the content of his soul, the acquired charisma, emotions, qualities, that means the astral body, and go on to the higher realms, already completely calm. He just will be. Peace, happiness, well-being, love.

And how do some doctors, astral travelers, see the last hours of life? 

"Today I had an old man during the morning, 80+, at the end of his journey, today he was supposed to be released home… ..Over the morning he suddenly got worse. From a medical point of view, he got a pulmonary embolism, or his old heart with an ejection fraction of 10% just couldn't do it. I don't know. I tried, treated everything I could think of - from heart failure, through the embolism, I gave him a wide range of antibiotics, steroids, PPI. Just everything. Nevertheless, it was his time and he left a few hours after my intervention. I knew that he was leaving at five o'clock in the morning. Nevertheless, this filled me with a special calm. If our time comes, we leave and it doesn't matter how well we are treated.

Today I saw again what is higher power. Even the fact that we can decide partly when because the man waited until his family left and then he left within five minutes. Other times, we're waiting for the family. I stayed with his daughter, perhaps I partially helped her. She looked at her dead father, whom she had seen 10 minutes before, and told how he had changed. I told her that what she saw was a body without a soul, but that his soul was still there with us and that she had to help him leave. It's weird, I saw the man about a minute before he left. The process of metamorphosis always amazes a person, even the special peace that always occurs. ”

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