3 fascinating stories about out of body travel

Whoever decides to experience out of body travel and perseveres, for example, according to the instructions for astral travel, is determined to succeed due to their determination. Like the story of Peter, who shares with us his experiences with the fear we all go through. However, everything is safe, we just have to get used to new experiences.

About Peter's out of body experiences 

“Energy began to flow into me as pure knowledge, which fed my mind in an incredible way. At that moment, I felt that I knew the answers to all the questions that were and will be asked. It was the incredible pressure of knowledge that overwhelmed me immensely.”

I have conscious lucid dreams quite reliably, but direct methods for astral travel end in total limb paralysis, tremors, vibrations, hot flashes, feelings of rotation or bloating and mild levitation, up to complete ignorance of the limbs, pain or feelings of flashes and sound effects. Everything differs to some extent in the release, which occurs within 2-3 minutes to the maximum extent, but the very release of consciousness and disconnection from the body does not follow. All that remains is to persevere. It is true that I once stopped trying and searching and have now returned to it, as if the path had found me again. I perceive this as a great success.

Let's get carried away by the three stories that take place in states of expanded consciousness, in the astral, dream and spiritual realms.

1) Astral journey to Nepal

I lay on my abdomen and woke up out of nowhere in the morning in the dark. I sat down and lay down again, with the intention of falling asleep again. The moment I lay down, I felt my heartbeat in my ears. I told myself that it was due to my position, but suddenly I seemed to hear the faint singing of some birds growing in the distance. I was frightened by what was happening and sat down again.

The sound of the heart and the birds was gone, only my heart was pounding fast and loud out of excitement. But I wanted to try it again. I lay down and focused on my own pulse as the birdsong started and approached again. There was a growing excitement and a desire to know what was going on, at the same time a fear of what was happening, because I felt a burning sensation in my throat and the intensity of my heartbeat was strong, as if my carotid arteries were going to burst soon.

Still, I focused on the approaching sound. The birds settled as if to my left, and although I was aware of the position of my lying body, I began to feel other strange sensations, or rather feelings and knowing how things were going around. Although I had my eyes closed and saw only darkness behind them, I knew the birds were sitting on a branch of a lower bushy tree. In addition, the footsteps of animals slightly larger than ordinary goats with broad bells added to their singing, making a deeper rumbling sound.

At that moment, my heart felt in my throat and my chest burned, yet my desire and curiosity kept me going. Although I couldn't see, I could clearly feel the sun high above the snow-capped mountains on the horizon, warming the entire left side of my body. At that moment, human footsteps were added to the footsteps of the animals in the rocks and sand, and I was clearly aware of the hunched figure leaning on a stick, which was bending a blade of grass just as it hit the ground, as if it were an important detail.

I longed to see everything and strained my mind to do it. I felt a kind of weight as I began to move along the rocky path down the hill, passing a herd of animals. I already felt like I could see it at any moment, but I still had darkness in front of my eyes. But those feelings about what was going on came only from sounds and perceptions like movement, the warmth of the sun. In the meantime I felt pressure on my head by rushing blood pumped through my body when my heart was pounding so loud I couldn't catch my breath. I was trying to see what was going on in the distance, when I heard voices at the foot of the hill, a lot of human voices speaking in a language I didn't understand.

I was in a market with mostly small stone houses with sharp corners and small windows, wooden outbuildings and a lot of people arguing with each other. The excitement increased to the maximum, I longed to see everything, but the feelings in my body could no longer be ignored, I was already seriously worried about my health, whether this strain could cause bleeding into the brain, so because of my fear I returned immediately to my room. My chest was burning and I was having a hard time catching my breath, as if I wasn't breathing all the time, but the desire to see it all made me try to hear the birds again and go back there. The birds went crazy again, but they just flew by and I couldn't get back there.

I did not travel out of body that night, but this experience is one of the strongest and full of emotion, tension and excitement from the experience. Much later, I realized that it could have been an out of body journey, or rather a transfer of spirit, while the astral body remained with me. Apparently I was wandering somewhere in Nepal and the animals could have been llamas. The time shift would correspond to the time sometime after noon, but of course I'm not sure and I've never traveled to similar places since then.

That very interesting feeling, when we realize our position in lying down in one place, yet your mind is elsewhere, in an absolutely vigilant state… I experienced similar things several times when I thought of a person in need that I knew about. I mean, you can just describe a place you've never been to before, like the shape of a room, the location of windows, some objects, and so on.

2) Conscious lucid dream

I have several triggers to realize that it is a dream. One of them is the fact that I'm flying. During one "flying" dream, I realized that I was dreaming and at that moment the dream story stopped, or rather seemed to tremble in unbearable vibrations and did not develop further.

I still felt as if I were waving my hands hard in order to fly, even though I realized that I was lying in my bed and my body was in a sideways position, the image suddenly turned into a large room with a shiny floor made up of mosaic or chessboard patterns in the middle with ornaments falling into repetitive detail, something like mandalas.

I hung about a one meter above this shiny floor and could still feel my hands waving, though I was motionless and the space around me was still vibrating back and forth, as if the dream were going to unfold, but it didn't know how. The stiffness was unpleasant and evoked unpleasant feelings. I could feel the distant heartbeat and the tension in my body and mind. Another transition followed. The oscillation remained, now I stood on the plain and felt solid ground beneath my feet.

There was a wall or walls in front of me, not too high, but firm and wide, invisible behind them, stretching from left to right from horizon to horizon. I stared at the wall and wondered whether to cross it. The desire to find out what was behind it grew in me despite the unpleasant feelings calling me back to my body. But during this deliberation, a sound so loud and terrible came from behind the wall. It vibrated every part of my body to unbearable dimensions and drove my mind to fear for my own life. I felt a desire to wake up, but something went wrong, I couldn't go back. I strained my mind to maximum effort, but something drew me to the wall, the sound grew louder, and I felt like I couldn't take it anymore.

I strained my mind again to focus on returning to the body. After a certain moment of fighting with that unusual gravity towards the wall, I found myself emotionally at some kind of interface between my own body and this reality.

The sound was a word I didn't recognize at first. Suddenly I saw a book made of light just in front of me, and a page opened in it that was written in something like Latin, but in too small letters to read or remember, I only deciphered "trefa litera". It helped me feel my body more. I could clearly feel myself lying in bed, but the paralysis was still going on and I couldn't move or wake up completely, again I had to work hard before the bond towards the wall loosened and I could wake up with a stream of heat and electrifying pain. The echo of the sound still remained in my head, it was a word like "Ramadan"…

I am no longer sure exactly what I read and whether this word was exactly the word representing the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, mainly because at the time I experienced this, I did not know anything like that and I did not know Latin. I don't know what connection this revelation might have to Ramadan, as a complete atheist I don't understand this and I just know that I shouldn't have gone behind that wall and I felt withdrawn from there.

However, it is a wonderful knowledge that from the lucid dream one can consciously pass into astral space, i.e. leave the dream space and the body thus indirectly.

3) Mental spiritual travel

During one of the classical meditation techniques and resting in complete peace of mind far from all my thoughts, I let myself drift in this peace. I perceived only my body as present in vast space completely motionless only deformed as if by gravitational currents around my limbs running through me in slow rhythms.

I don't even know how long I stayed like this, but at some point the nature of the flow began to change, and I spread across the universe at tremendous speed, until I felt my arms outstretched like taut strings going through all the existence of the moment. I focused on the feeling that I understood only intuitively and felt that if I moved my arms even a little bit, I would reshape the universe or be able to change any detail in it.

The feeling was intoxicating and incredibly pleasant. I tried even more to empty my mind, and suddenly I felt absolutely nothing, something that could not be described in words, a complete emptiness without space, time, or anything else, and at that moment energy began to flow into me like pure knowledge that fed my mind in an unbelievable way. At that moment, I felt that I knew the answers to all the questions that were and will be asked. It was the unbelievable pressure of knowledge that overwhelmed me immensely, and I wavered for a moment, wondering if my little mind could handle it, if I couldn't go crazy, or if the pressure I felt in my head couldn't do any irreversible damage.

This small fluctuation was enough to stop the current in an instant and I shrank back to normal parameters. All knowledge was shrunk to a vague memory of greatness and intensity indescribable in words and full of emotion that I didn't even know. Only one sentence settled in my mind, which shouted at me long after I woke up, sounding roughly like, "Only nothing makes sense!". Unfortunately, I'm no longer sure in words, but the feeling lasts, and since then I have been perceiving the flame or energy inside that does not go out. This idea has spilled over and been transformed into a theorem on the origin and very existence of the universe, for which, however, there is no other proof than this my own lived experience, about which I can say nothing more than that I believe it really happened.

I do not know if this is something that others call enlightenment, but I do not feel significantly altered by this, I still have the same doubts and I still long for further knowledge. From the moment I return, it is difficult for me to recall everything in its entirety, which is probably only possible in a state of expanded consciousness. Never before has a similar experience been repeated.

Unfortunately, I perceive one fundamental shortcoming, and that is the limited word for expressing this experience and thus satisfactorily conveying this message, which has matured in me with the idea. I tried to describe these feelings in poems, to project everything as a written text, but I am not satisfied with the results. I still see the flatness and lack of means of expression for proper understanding by the potential reader. I have tried verbally several times to pass on this experience, but I cannot say to what extent it has succeeded or failed.


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