Interview with Teri Sidris, a natural astral traveler

Terí, most of us are trying to learn astral travel. However, you have original experiences when you spontaneously came out with your astral body. How does it feel when you are not ready for such an event?

I was 16 years old when I first went out of my material body spontaneously. I was sitting on the bed playing with life energy between my palms (I knew very little about astral travel until then) Suddenly I really saw the energy between my palms, my head began to shake and in a moment I looked at myself from the other end of the room. It was so real! It scared me a lot and the physical body pulled me back. For many, many years, I perceived the whole thing as one of the worst experiences in my life, because I was not prepared for it. But now I know that it can be wonderfully controlled.

How would you advise others if they wanted to experience spontaneous ascent? Why is the gradual path better?

Since I spontaneously emerged from the body, I (like other astral travelers) have perceived myself as a spirit who only uses the physical body in this material world. But it is a completely different perception. Therefore, I consider it a very good exercise for spontaneously leaving the body to begin to perceive yourself as a spirit that is a little bigger than your physical body. At first it may be incomprehensible, but over time it will improve. Try it… However, the gradual path is much better - your physical and astral body will get used to the new situation over time and you will control everything consciously 🙂

How do you think astral travel differs from mental travel? 

Astral travel is a very real experience. You perceive it all through emotions, charisma ... everything is exactly the same as in the physical world, only there is no solid matter. Otherwise it's exactly the same!
Mental travel is a very pleasant way to travel through time and space. I perceive everything a bit from a distance, but even so, real information is found out. It just lacks the "wow". For me, however, mental travel wins.

How do you perceive beings from other realms? 

I perceive beings from other spheres in my own way. I just know someone's there. I know if it's a man, a woman, etc. I know what they look like. I can't say I really see them, I don't ... But I just know it 🙂 And how can I be sure it's right? If we travel with Sidris mentally for the same purpose and to the same place, then our experiences coincide. Although he sees everything realistically and I "only" know it - I feel intuition. The evidence is important to me as well, and I am grateful to be able to confirm everything. Do it too!

🙏 Let your physical and astral body get used to the new situation of Astral Travel. 

🙏  Experience quite naturally and especially gradually eleven months of a comprehensive online course.

🙏  Yes, you will control everything consciously.

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