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What is it like to be an out of body traveler and to go through dimensions with various limitations by your consciousness? We can now open this so fascinating topic together in questions and answers that will be published in public. Here we can humanly summarize all the findings of our knowledge. Feel free to ask anything directly to the email Thanks to our sharing, it is easier for everyone to find their way through this world.

Let's start with a series of questions from Lukáš, who studies psychology and psychotherapy, is interested in meditation, yoga and the lifestyle of the East, through which he examines the phenomena of astral travel.

What do you say (if you have read his work) to the author R. A. Monroe and his book Journeys Outside the Body where Monroe actually describes a chaotic world, he always travels somewhere other than he wants, his journeys are not in accord with reality, I could say uncontrollable astral travel ...

I did not read the mentioned book, but the description of the chaotic world certainly agrees mainly from the point of view of a traveler who had no preparation for mastering his own mind. In the knowledge of our consciousness or out of body travel, we leave the common and very limited sphere for us, which is dominated by space, time and material stability. 

As soon as we consciously ascend from our material body, then we find ourselves in a space in which material stability no longer has its entirely given rules, and it is possible to move freely in space. It is possible to honor the rules, but we will no longer be stopped by a material obstacle if we do not wish it ourselves. In a calm state of mind, it is possible to walk around your house, but also to find yourself in the house of your friend. It all depends on the ability to keep the mind completely focused on the goal. Our consciousness in this realm, if you want a dimension, retains its shape, which makes us still feel that it is us, with our arms and legs, even though the material body is lying on the bed, for example. 

In other dimensions, we are losing not only the limitations of material stability, spatial movement, but also time. The out of body traveler is thus in a less and less limited world, where they literally rule only with their own thoughts. It does not matter here, on the condition of the lust of good or evil, but on what they think, what they create, construct, it literally happens in the dimension. Only conscious thoughts determine what will happen, as each thought literally creates the conditions for contact with the other dimensions. No one can interfere with their dimension without the traveler's permission, nor can they change what other consciousness is responsible for. 

Let us now take the example of an ordinary person who is accustomed to the material world. If they find themselves conscious beyond the limitations to which they are accustomed, then naturally this will not leave them calm, as well as their mind, on which everything now depends. If they want to go to point A, but think of B, then they find themselves in place B.

Everyone can easily test their ability to concentrate in the next ten minutes. For easier feasibility, we close our eyes and want to focus on a blue ball. There is nothing else for ten minutes. How long can we really keep the blue ball in mind? And now without thoughts of physical sensations, tastes, moods and life plans. Can we keep the blue ball for at least a few seconds, a minute or maybe longer? It is similar even after the exit of our consciousness from the body. Only what we want will happen and at the same time we can realistically maintain it. At this point, it is only natural that someone will travel astrally completely randomly and only controlled by their uncontrolled mind, but someone can completely adhere to their original plan even in the astral world, which is unlimited.

It is appropriate to return to the topic that our consciousness can reach various limited dimensions

1. material sphere
We start here in material,

2. Astral Sphere
we proceed to the astral - that is, without the restriction of space and partly of time depending on space, 

3. the Mental sphere / Spirit
further into the mental - without the full limitation of time, and ever higher, when we gradually lose all concepts and remain a mere consciousness, which no longer even wants to participate in the limited dimensions. 

4. dimension of Consciousness
This is followed by a number of successive dimensions, in which kinds of limitations dissolve, and as we approach the distant but achievable point as consciousness, where we can lose our own consciousness, that is, beyond the point of nothingness and much further, we often want to return quickly to our material bodies, because that is why we were born here to learn to know the path of consciousness through them.

Where can we travel? Is it possible to go directly to someone’s specific home? 

You can travel to virtually any place on Earth, other planets and the entire Universe. This knowledge provides interesting experiences, but if one is not an astronomer, then it is less useful in everyday life here in the body.

If we travel to a specific person, then we always literally appear with them. It does not depend on place and space, because we have clearly defined the interest in being with a person, not at home.

Personally, I love traveling to the afterlife on the border of the astral and mental world, or in other words, the second and third dimensions. If necessary, into higher dimensions / sky / spheres, which we will get to later.

Can anyone travel astrally eventually after some "training"? I ask if everyone has these abilities and is it enough just to wake them up or does it have to be a gift for someone who can do it?

We are now sitting here in our bodies, reading this text with our eyes. We use our material bodies for this and find ourselves in material space. We are consciously doing what we are doing. Our consciousness consciously chose this body, because it was beneficial for us to be in interaction with other consciousnesses in the bodies. But sooner or later we will leave our material bodies and again travel through a very limited dimension, through less and less limited dimensions, to the unlimited, which contains all the limited dimensions or deities. It is only up to us to decide when we decide to gain experience. Someone sooner, someone later and everything is fine. It is also up to us whether we want to return to the very limited material realms, or to continue to know the less limited realms of being.

So yes, absolutely anyone can travel astrally, because it is a natural ability of every person. There are a large number of astral travelers around us, who have started in various ways, and thanks to that we know that only the right path is really enough and all of us can do it. And that's exactly what the Online Astral Travel Course is using πŸ˜‰ At that moment, you are under the guidance of real astral travelers, who at the beginning experienced the same feelings as you do right now.

What did you find during your astral travels, or why are you traveling? 

Above all, I have always been interested in the question of death. What is it like? What's really going on next? And conscious ascent and the return of consciousness to one's body give completely clear answers, which one literally experiences on oneself.

Who do you meet on your travels? 

In the beginning I traveled to people, then to animals, then to beings without material bodies, and finally to dead people without material bodies, who communicate in exactly the same way as people with a material body. A person's consciousness remains the same, only the form of the packaging in the dimensions changes.

What is the difference between "reality" and the world of the astral, if I may call it that. What are the differences, etc.?

We are in dimensions with various limitations, but they are all real, we always feel our consciousness, emotions and intellect. Only the boundaries of perceived reality change. 

Is it possible to move objects or transfer them in the astral world? Does this action affect the "real world"? 

In the astral dimension, we are closest to the material dimension, so an experienced traveler can really make a big enough effort to move the object. So yes, it is possible, it is also a wonderful experience, but the astral traveler immediately recognizes that this action is completely useless, because they can experience much more interesting experiences. We have a material body to move through the material world, and we have different options for moving through other spheres.

For example, during your travels, is the place you are visiting and you have never been there (you know it from a picture) the same as actually is at the time?

Yes, and I have been very happy to confirm these places with personal visits since 2003. 

Can you, for example, search / find people who are lost, missing things, etc. with your abilities, with astral travel?

Yes, the search for things has been successful in the past. We certainly recommend this practice to beginning astral travelers, because the experience is wonderful… but after a few such trips, the sense of reason of an out of body traveler from similar trips is zero. Things can be found, but the traveler feels as if they have just done a completely useless thing. As soon as we leave our material bodies, more suitable ways of use appear before us than meeting people or looking for objects. This makes sense in the material world, but not in the astral world. It's good only in the beginning, but let's move on. 

How do you recognize the past, the future and the "now" when traveling? 

In astral travel we move in the present, only very rarely can we travel through time.  However, if our consciousness can free itself from other limitations, then time does not matter. This can be used when traveling to past lives, for example in regression therapy. Anyone who has had such experiences will then confirm that it was easier than they ever thought. It's always up to us.

Most of our astral travelers find themselves in the present, or rather in creation. It can be said that there is no time here, but only what is created. However, thanks to this, our advanced astral travelers are able to go further and thus observe what still remains as a remnant of the past event.

How is observing a place you don't know different from what you know physically?

In the lower astral dimensions there is no difference (1st + 2nd), in the higher ones they already lack their shapes (3rd), but you perceive the Astral Force, in the even higher dimensions (4th) these shapes and the Force no longer exist.

How do you view astral travel due to personal privacy and watching people in their lives? 

We are all consciousness that gains experience through the body. Once you are in the astral body, you want more than just traveling to people. During the whole time, I traveled like this for my own and their confirmation, then confirmed the reality, but I have always gone further for knowledge. As soon as we go out of the body, low thoughts fall away, but we want to gain higher knowledge. Therefore, we do not have to worry about privacy, because every astral traveler wants to get to know much further. More than is possible in the material dimension / sphere.

I also want to ask if I can ask you for my work and research for a practical example of your astral travel?

Our consciousness can be moved to any place, so reading letters and hearing a conversation are among the obvious first findings of an astral traveler. They will immediately confirm this thanks to a series of experimental trips with people who will permit these trips due to their privacy. After such a series of travels to people, however, the need for the out of body traveler passes the need to travel in this way and to eternally confirm reality, because the astral sphere has become a matter of course for them. The out of body traveler thus either ends their journeys and follows ordinary life, or they have the opportunity to find out who they really are, as consciousness through other less limited dimensions.

The further they get, the more they realize the need to anchor in the physical body. If they find themselves in the dimension of Nothing (12th - 15th), then this anchorage is necessary for them to be able to return to the material body. Consciousness in such a case will no longer allow the astral ascent for ordinary travel through the material and astral worlds in order to connect to matter and save the material body. Thanks to their successful past, the traveler themselves is no longer interested in dealing with these issues. Less limited spheres are already their home, on the contrary, lower spheres are a school for learning how to Create. At that moment, they are often no longer interested in any performance in these low realms, but travel to higher ones. An exception may be communication with the dead, when they do not have to travel to the astral realms, but we can completely free ourselves from concepts such as time, space and matter. At that moment, everything loses its existence and communicates only with pure consciousness. This is also my case.

To put it simply, I have already traveled to many people, we have always done this action, but the final insight of the people has not taken place. But it was a great confirmation for me how I travel. Now, naturally, it doesn't make sense to me anymore and I'm moving on. However, these experiences are expected for beginning astral travelers. Every astral traveler should confirm the reality of their astral travel, but for themselves, so that they have everything confirmed. For they know much higher dimensions and realms.

πŸ‘‰ And that is why an online astral travel course was created, where I will guide you through these important steps. 

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