Artificial support of spiritual growth?

At what moment are the crutches suitable and when, on the contrary, will they completely destroy everything built? They can help us a lot, push us further, but they can also cause the disintegration of the entire built path or even failure to find it. As is well known, all paths lead to the Enlightenment. But how to choose one that will really take us as far as possible during this lifetime? That is, not until the death of the material body. The situation with a crutch (tea, jasmine, or others even stronger) can be divided into two user experiences. We do not recommend strong crutches, but why not write about them :)

The user does not know their higher consciousness

If you now take an excipient that will take you for example to the high realms, or for a limited time from the material body, then we have wonderful experiences, but it is very likely that knowledge will be degraded just for fun. Don't really risk excipients here and get to know yourself first. Because when you return to the body, you then tend to attribute everything to "influencing the mind with another substance." Most crutch users believe that this condition is a certain impression. The instant solution is understood here by the shallow mind, because the deep mind has not yet been awakened. If this conviction persists, then the crutch, on the other hand, serves to close one of the many paths.

But we have good news, start with at least the instructions to control your mind, and after mastering them, you will be much further in self-knowledge than you could imagine.

Or the user knows their higher consciousness

At the beginning, we are absolutely convinced that we know who we are. We realize that we are made up of a huge amount of thoughts, beliefs. Over time, we find that we have gained some from the environment, created others ourselves, and, last but not least, taken over many from the collective consciousness.

We will grasp the Insight 

The instant solution is understood by a deep mind that you have known beforehand. You already know yourself, your own consciousness very well. Now the crutch serves as a helper to reach higher levels, a kind of map that shows you the nearest destination. You will dive into it, you will learn to recognize it and the crutch will take you back again. You already know the higher point and now you can step into it.

Only some and very limited crutches, but always together with the knowledge of a deep state of consciousness. For all cases, you will find the first steps in the manual (here).

First, let's choose the natural path 

1) Your own way 

Whether it may sound too simple or even trivial at first, we guarantee that honest adherence to a very easy procedure will take you so far as you could not even imagine now. It is necessary to completely calm down all the events that control and entertain us. Only thanks to this can we dive deeper into knowledge. At first, the mind protests, kicks, swears, does not want. If you are firm in your decision, then according to your individual abilities, the mind will stop creating all barriers and instead will start cooperating completely. You have won! Quite a simple guide, which you will find in the links above.

2) Astral travel

devotes the path of mind control, real and evident knowledge of yourself independently of the material body. A path for opening all horizons. A completely simple, effective and time-tested guide for many real astral travelers can be found in the practical Astral Travel guide. Through astral travel, we gradually know our Force and our Consciousness. We will understand where we are and how this world works.

3) The long journey of the Ruler of the Force 

You will understand and set up your life. You will create the most important moments of your life completely consciously. You will go your own way. You have one advantage - you uniquely control your thoughts, and therefore their tremendous power! You are not subject to the influence of the environment, on the contrary, it is you who influences the world for the better. You will confidently control your life and experience the connection with the world. More than 400 people have already embarked on the path of the Ruler of the Force, experiencing the joy of life to the fullest every day. They live in the present, know the meaning of their lives and head for it. Thanks to your and our practice, we have moved a little further and the path of the Ruler of the Force has undergone a complete reconstruction, which has raised it several levels higher. More on the path of the Ruler of the Force.

4) Regression therapy to past lives 

or a form of mental travel, where we gain the ability to calm the mind and release our consciousness into events across time and space. You can find more on our therapeutic page. You experience everything safely, but very deeply on a therapy couch with your guide.

5) Hermeticism

is an insight into the active building of the Universe, later a conscious fusion. Watch out for the ego … 

6) Buddhism

is a patient search and finding. Can you find, know, surrender or pass on? Very good friends are located in the Buddhist center of Rabten. A beautiful story here is the journey of a lady who has been meditating in a Buddhist center for many years. She already had a very good control of her mind and was thus advanced on this path. During a meditation gathering, with her inner consciousness, she asked the monk if this path really leads to higher knowledge. The monk looked at her lovingly, nodded, at that moment lifted her astral body from the material body, let her observe her whereabouts for the necessary time, and then returned to the body with the message "Yes, you are going very well. You received a gift and knew higher possibilities. Now, however, awaken them in your honest way."

7) Zen

is a direct path to the path of understanding and surrender. Friends from the Zen school Kwan Um Liberec.

8) Spiritual yoga

is the complex path, not the practice, provides the path of enlightenment in the material world. It is suitable for sensitive people.

9) Herbs AY! Energy

A very strong spirit of plants originating from the shamanic part of South America and Africa. Within half an hour after waking up, take the tablets according to the instructions and after about an hour sit down for deep meditation. When we asked the spirit of the friendly herbs to reveal its power… and… for about ten seconds we found our astral body at the ceiling. Then the body immediately pulled us back. Friends had at least as interesting experiences for several hours about a stronger consciousness and spirit. We love these herbs for everyday life. You can get a mixture of AY! Energy plants in the e-shop.

10) Marijuana, LSD, Miracle Sage and similar 

If we have not mastered higher consciousness, then the probability of degradation of knowledge is very high due to great power. Let's go the natural way. See the beginning of the article.

Proof that you are doing the right thing in life 

The biggest surprise for you will be the change of surroundings because you will no longer want to talk about topics that do not develop the mind, or even trample it. These were topics of the past, as they belonged to a kind of entertainment, or at least pointless chatter. At this moment, you have internally built up your very strong consciousness, so go higher, travel astrally, out of the body, know a completely pure consciousness …

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