Did death reach you? Enjoy it! :-)

The feeling when something comes to you and reaches out of nowhere ... Or is something pulling you by the leg out of bed while you sleep? Or are the creatures making a sofa out of you and sitting on your stomach while you can't move? Friends, we have an interesting knowledge for you, because according to the number of writers to us at master@myastralbody.com, this is not such an unusual experience. Most of us have it. You really aren't alone in this, and the good news is that everyone was able to easily control the situation. All it takes is a firm decision.

Do ghosts walk around the apartment and even move objects? 

Well, you have had a unique opportunity to know that there really is something between heaven and earth. Accept that these are people who used to have material bodies but are now moving in the astral realm. However, there is a great possibility that it is your astral force. "This is you and you can do great things!

"If I accepted it at the beginning, I would have saved myself a lot of sleepless nights. At first I was knocked out.” Terí Sidris

It is quite possible that you have been evolving in a spiritual direction lately, so you literally have to and want to experience these moments. How else do you want to know the intangible world than through personal experience? You don't believe stories from other people, so it's time to know everything for yourself. Enjoy it, be in peace and you are safe. Seriously, you are the rulers of this situation! Always!

Your astral force is tremendous 

Accept this experience as something new, enjoy it and take over the control. It's great news :) However, you should always act directly with your Force and literally remove all unwanted influences.

Experience emotions: "This is my space, I am the ruler of the astral Force" 

If you get scared, you won't do anything about it, you will succumb to it. You can do more. You have a material + astral (soul) + mental body (spirit). While beings have only an astral body and sometimes a mental body. You always have more power and it only depends on your decision and peace of mind. You literally create your own world with your own rules.

"They can really be rejected, I have been calm for a long time" Damián

You are experiencing a completely natural knowledge, we also know it, welcome it :) After a few months it will be obvious, even boring ... And you will want to go to a much higher knowledge quite naturally.

Instructions for controlling your Force 

Gain your own mind under control and naturally control all the Force. This is your first step …

Do you already perceive a tremendous Force? 

Or are you awakened in bed by a deep poke that will pass through your whole body like electricity? Are you getting bigger? Do you feel a great Force around you and inside you?

"They came to me every day and taught me more and more. After a few years, I take everything as obvious. I am grateful for the help and the Awakening." Jindřich Sidris

Here you are literally awakened by your astral body, you awaken yourself to finally take a step further. Do it! However, it is still up to you whether you get up or lie down. Go and go on with your life, the kind you really want! You can do it because you have chosen life in this body.


Then it is entirely appropriate to move forward by leaps and bounds, and we will be proud to see each other in person on the path of the student of <Astral.University>,
or on the online Astral Travel course.

It is okay to eat, drink, meditate, run. Do whatever it takes, especially if it makes sense for you.


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