The difference between astral and mental travel

During astral/soul travel 

we are completely immersed in reality, independent of our body. The body only rests and sleeps as we walk around the room. We can travel through space, literally in a second we find ourselves anywhere on the planet. We can travel far beyond its borders, or just to our friends. It just depends on our decision. The perception of astral travel is completely authentic, as when we are in the material body. We feel emotions, logic, yet we are completely realistically removed from the body and we move in the present tense. We can read, hear conversations ... It's an indescribable experience that gives really great answers to life.

Mental travel

allows us to displace ourselves from the material body by our spirit/consciousness. However, the material and astral bodies remain connected and lie on the sofa. We have the same options, even expanded because we can travel independently not only in space but also in time. Literally to the past or future. However, since we experience emotions through the astral body, which now also lies on the sofa, we do not only feel so many emotions during mental travel. We are also in advanced spheres, where shapes no longer exist, so it is very difficult to read anything. However, we have the opportunity to connect with other people. In this type of travel, we literally perceive the mindset of other people.


Mental travel gives a person a lot, but it is not an experience. Experiences do not belong here, because they do not exist here. We literally know our consciousness completely independent of space, time, shape, emotions. We just are and flow through the world. However, we still perceive our material body. This is a simpler type of out of body travel.

Astral travel, on the other hand, literally shakes up one's life, because knowing the ascent out of the material body is really a great experience. We literally have to rethink all our ideas and subject them to rigorous analysis. Who I am, where I am - after all, I really stand here, I live, yet my body lies on the bed. This is an advanced type of out of body travel.

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What is it like in different astral worlds?

We can travel out of the body, that is, move out of the material body many times and always safely return to our material body. The body itself is waiting for us safely and always belongs only to us.

Tip: It is very pleasant to travel at night, when we just let the body rest, while we consciously experience the world in another place. 

For the sake of interest, I state that as soon as the body is old and is already decaying, then we find ourselves in the astral body when the astral traveler has advantages because they already know this space. After they calm down, the astral body also decomposes and we enter the mental realm, so we perceive the already pure spirit. Both travels can be trained very well in the peace of your home, we have a completely clear and simple guide for you, yet tried and tested by many people:

Instructions for mental travel.

Instructions for astral travel.

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Both types of travel

make a lot of sense and just depend on the experience we are able to achieve. It also depends on our choice whether we want to know

A) just mental travel, or

B) mental and astral, which we can take as an advanced stage, but in the moment of deep knowledge of mental travel, the attainment of astral travel is already very easy. Both travels have to be constantly trained, thanks to which we will achieve mastery and completely perfect results. It's such a great knowledge that it's really worth it!

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