Transition from the after-death realm to the higher realm

Friends, it is a wonderful gift to go together every day and experience life in all nodes of destiny. You give us stories that are truly far-sighted. Our reader Stanislav, who agreed to be at his exemplary journey in the astral sphere, will say more:

Hello, I turn to you as an expert in matters between heaven and earth, a person in the right place. All my life I had a happy marriage, my wife and I formed a harmonious whole, it gave me strength and energy and I gave her peace and balance. Recently, there was a turning point for my life, half a year ago she died of cancer and my world collapsed. I found myself at the crossroads of life, this moment of life and the circumstances connected with it led me on a spiritual path. According to doctors, she had a 90% chance of recovery with the help of treatment. Last year, at the time of my wife's illness, a few remarkable events happened to me, but I don't find them completely surprising.

I asked god, why all this? 

Even before she left, I was told that through pain and suffering, there would be insight and knowledge. It calmed me down because I thought it was about my wife. I wished she would be helped, both here on earth and above, because I thought it was a pure soul. She didn't hurt in life, she was happy to help, she was direct and she said her opinion, I really appreciated her for it.

During this treatment, I had a dream,

when I went to visit her in the hospital and she was sitting on the bed, I asked her, "hello, how are you?" and she,

not very good, I will die in 3 months ".

I immediately opened my eyes and thought it would be just a dream. I pushed it out of my head, I didn't want to attract anything, because according to the doctors, she would recover. She died 3 months to the day later.

We talked together further 

After her death, I had several other "dreams" when we communicated with each other, I am one hundred percent convinced of that.

1st month. We are in a dream together and the wife says that she is happy and satisfied there, but it is difficult to get here.

2nd month. Before going to bed, I asked several times what to do now, how to behave in my situation, asking her come to visit me. In half-sleep in the morning, her voice visited me, the thought that we can't see each other (she is on other vibrations), that we can't hear each other (they communicate on other frequencies), I shouldn’t worry, be sad, I should enjoy life, experience life and be happy.

3rd month. I'm with her, but it's not so clear and specific, I'm relieved and I'm not so sad anymore.

4th month. The last dream when she said goodbye to me, we stroked each other with the fact that she would never come again and see me, it was without words, more intuitively, in the morning I woke up calm, balanced, reconciled to fate.

Before death, 

for about three months, I wondered how I could help her. I received fairly detailed instructions through automatic typing, but the woman was already feeling the end and her body was decimated by chemotherapy. If you're asking about automatic typing, then in the morning I just sat down, cleared my mind, and started typing. I clearly knew what would help her, it was well-grounded.

I will do what I enjoy 

I'm alone, thinking about my future, one thing I know for sure, I'll do whatever I can enjoy. I will have peace and quiet and a good heart. My guardian angel always stood by me, as a child, when a pedophile tried to attack me or when I fell from the 1st floor onto concrete and when the car skidded on a wet road, I always realized that a higher force had struck, basically, I came out of everything unscathed.


Jindřich Sidris answers

The path of meditation is really the right one, because once we control the mind, then our lives change qualitatively. You mention that "pain and suffering will lead to insight and knowledge" which is very knowledgeable, because it is precisely for the knowledge of slow development, for caresses, but also for the slap that reminds us we are here. However, until we literally stop enjoying this journey and leave for peace. Inward love. Meditation. Calm down. Nothingness. And again the fulfillment.

She's still alive

In the three months before saying goodbye to her body, the wife communicated beautifully with you through her spirit. And then you talked to each other, and I must say from the confirmed experience - quite realistically, really. You have literally come to know that your wife, your wife's consciousness, is still alive.

The message "I'm happy and satisfied here, but it's hard to get here" is really very perfectly expressed, because we all get into the afterlife / astral realm, but not everyone can keep a loving calm there, let alone move forward through unwillingness into the mental realm of the spirit, where it is very necessary to maintain absolute peace.

And this is why we cannot see each other all the time because there is a weak motivation from the mental realms to enter the material world. Rather, we forget everything and here you can see the great love of your wife.

In the fourth month, we can really dance with peace and joy, because your wife has really gone further, into the mental realm of the spirit, and quite possibly even higher.

Mr. Stanislav, you have come to the best you could, really do what you can, what fills us and still be at peace, in calmness. This is the path of conscious living.

I have respect for you and your knowledge, for it came at a time when it had exactly. Thank you for sharing the very best possible journey. May your journey still be so calm, perhaps almost Zen like.


Thank you for your answer, I'm glad you explained everything to me. It is clear to me that no one will return my wife, such is fate. I really wish we would meet sometime in our next lives and follow up on what was broken. Is there such a possibility if they both wish to do so?

Jindřich Sidris


The straight path shows a detachment from matter, space, time and to go even further from the higher realms. However, if we want to return again and gain experience on Earth, in the material, then it is possible only by lust.

You can meet your partner, if you both want, even in the higher realms. Then you will also meet in the material sphere.

However, it must be a very inner desire, because in the higher realms everything ceases to exist.

Only love, peace, purity of being have meaning.

And that is why the My Astral Body really makes sense, that is, to go through our lives completely consciously and enlightened, thanks to which we always choose our actions, even in any sphere of being.

We all have all the knowledge.

My Astral Body

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