Sidris family: How does the out of the body traveler see the world?

Out of the body travel 

Today we will look at whether it is possible to consciously explore our reality through astral travel, for example, to search for lost people/things, offenders, or for military use. An interesting question was sent by Lukáš, thank you. Yes, it is possible.

During astral travel (soul)

we are completely settled in reality. We can't touch each other, we can’t touch objects easily, but we see everything very well. It is very similar to a situation where we are present with a material body. It's an amazing experience - to find the person you are looking for, listen to the conversation and see the details of the surroundings in terms of objects.

Then consciously return to the material body, take a cell phone and confirm everything you have witnessed. However, the average person wants to travel astrally a few times, at most twenty times in a lifetime, because they discover many ways to better live the current life, which they then fulfill. They know independence from their material body. They are still alive, but they will enjoy matter and the material body better and more consciously.

The astral traveler gains not only self-confidence but also confirmation that they can do anything in the material world and independently of other people, who can then only (not) agree with them. They gain experience and discover that once their material box dies, they can consciously detach themselves from it. Ordinary people without these experiences are looking for a sensation behind everything, but the out of the body traveler gains an opening to reality - the truth that there is nothing to fear and can create anything completely freely.

The out of the body travelers no longer think. They know and experience. 

Mental (spiritual) travel

Connecting to other people through mental travel is also quite appropriate, but in these spheres, space and shape are no longer valid. It is thus almost impossible to determine the exact shape of the object, let alone read the text. However, it is very easy to connect with another person's consciousness and introspect them. For example, how they feel about where they are. I will give an example of two ways of out of body travel, from the position of a traveler:

How does the astral traveler see it? 

They come into the presence of a person, as if they came there physically, with the difference that they find themselves here in an instant. The astral traveler literally sees that person standing by the water. Nearby is a bridge with specific shapes and perceives what the person is wearing. They pay attention to details and are in the material world. They think logically and experience emotions. We find ourselves in the ordinary material environment and the adjoining astral world.

How does a mental traveler see it? 

In an instant, they find themselves around the observed person, they fully perceive their emotional mood, but they perceive the shapes of space only on the basis of that person's feelings. They thus find themselves in the mood of that person's specific space-time, as opposed to astral travel. In mental travel, we literally feel that water is flowing near a person and how they feel about it. We perceive their reality.

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