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The reader turned to us with the following questions. 

“I wish you a beautiful day. I want to ask: with really great relaxation, I feel a dizzy head and I feel nauseous. It always interrupts me, I can't go on and I just go to sleep. So I don't feel the whistling in my ears - I read that this is the last phase before getting out of the body. I'm not sure, but I don't think I'm far from it. Maybe I should be without thoughts for a longer time. It is not enough to want to get out of the body for two minutes, Mr. Sidris wrote that we will be without problems when we manage to do it for five minutes. I have also heard that there is no time and space in the astral world. Space - I understand, maybe it's an endless landscape, but I can't imagine that there is no time. Does that mean we can spend a year there, and in fact only an hour passes before we return? Or is it that the soul returns after four hours, for example? I can not imagine it. I also read about the paralysis of the body when the soul returns to it, and a person may be paralyzed for a while, or shake and twitch - I am afraid of returning back. But it is said that it always turns out well and the body moves with the help of the mind within a few minutes. I read your older article today and I want to travel astrally. I want it because I want to know the landscape of the astral world and especially the other beings and spheres. Thank you in advance for your reply. And above all for the advice and for not betraying me. See you soon.” Karel

I must say that you are on the best possible path! As soon as you feel a dizzy head and you feel sick, move on. It is really the last stage before the astral journey. You don't have to worry - those unpleasant feelings are not of the physical body, but of the astral one, and really nothing will happen. Just overcome them and in a few seconds you will be in the astral realms, without these feelings.

You do not necessarily meditate in nothingness. On the contrary, we have experienced that the best way is to master only one thought. At that moment, it will be the idea of "coming out of the physical body" and you will not give any thought to the importance of accompanying phenomena, such as dizziness of the head, tingling in the body, etc. At that moment, there is only the thought of leaving the body - no joy, anger, anticipation. Only "I'm leaving my physical body now." Simple instructions for controlling your mind can be found HERE.

In the astral realms, space and time exist in a special way. There is not only matter. As for space, we are not limited in it by that matter, and therefore we can move freely in it. Time as such has changed here to the eternal "NOW". Here it is important to control your thoughts as much as possible because whatever you think about, it will happen right now. Do you want to be under the sea? You are there immediately. Do you want to see the creature? You have it there. You just think of your physical body and in a moment you are back.

After returning to the body, you do not have to worry about any paralysis or shaking and twisting of the body. It is a completely natural and simple process. You return to your body that you know and it knows you. Don't expect anything complicated. But if you want to be sure, have a glass of water with you. Water is very astringent and you just need to touch it, and you will be completely settled in your material body.

I must say that you are really very close, so persevere and do not be discouraged. If this does not work for a long time (which is not really a threat to you anymore), we recommend proceeding systematically in the course

My Astral Body

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