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What can happen if someone uses excipients (drugs) and does not understand what is being shown? And what to do with the so-called "bad trip"? If you have a bad experience with drugs, we may meet and we will try to get you out of this problem

Hello, I read your nicely written website with interest. It occurred to me that you might be able and willing to explain my experiences/problems to me. I am 34 and two to three years ago I experimented with psychoactive substances (Psilocybes). I wanted to know more about "reality". The first experiment was "pleasant", the world seemed full of love to me and it seemed to me that the meaning of life was to "live a happy life". But the second experiment was threatening. I got into a time loop (fractal?). When you experience the same thing ten times, it's fun, but if you experience it for the hundredth time, it's really not fun anymore. Furthermore, my wife seemed to me like a figment of my imagination or me. And also that my thoughts are not mine. Can these experiences be explained in any way? But the worst part is that I've been suffering from panic attacks and depression ever since. During the depression, it seems to me that all people are me and that I am actually desperately lonely and playing a theater called life for myself. I know it sounds pointless, but I feel that way and it's not pleasant at all. I think it would be enough for me to understand that this is not the case and depression would be gone. Would you have any advice or explanation for me? I would be very grateful for your help. Thank you. Best regards

I wish you a beautiful day,

according to your description, you have really gained huge knowledge, what you basically asked for. A part of reality outside of matter has appeared to you. We certainly do not support the use of similar substances, but we can understand the given conditions together and straighten everything out. For the first time, you were shown a little vision that you understood, so the experience was really enjoyable.

Also, the second, although unpleasant for you, the experience is very enriching, although I understand that you do not have to perceive it like that at the moment. For you, the knowledge was too strong and incomprehensible, so you began to experience it as a so-called "bad trip". In this respect, the use of excipients to gain knowledge is very risky. The same knowledge can be achieved through deep therapies and meditations, but here one can get out of really misunderstood situations, analyze it completely, and then come back again and again and get to know it bit by bit. However, the excipients are violently held in the knowledge for several hours and it is not possible to leave. Therefore, for example, in various tribes, these moments are sacred and they have a guide in the form of a shaman, who helps you to understand and calm everything.

You have a huge advantage - you have kept the knowledge in everyday life (currently you perceive it as panic attacks). You did not throw away the knowledge but kept it. That's why now you have only one task - to understand what is happening here, who you are, and what the world around you is.

We can take you through all of this personally in deep therapy, where we will really experience everything, understand it, and thus straighten out reality. If you want, we can help you get rid of this knowledge completely, but it would be a great pity to throw away such a gift. In our opinion, it is much more useful to understand and actively use it.

And definitely the best way is to come to all this knowledge through meditation. It is a legal and safe way.

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