Reality is not real

One of the most difficult states I could not accept for a long time was a new perception of reality. A reality in which only what I want to believe is real. But I did it and now I am very grateful for this condition. It gives many options.

How to get astral current - 6 steps to flow

We need to think carefully about where we will invest our time. We already know that there is only what we dedicate our consciousness to, and if we stop giving time importance and we will spend our lives meaningfully according to our goals, we can only see positive results and learn to work with time, not for time.

Experience the astral current - flow.

When you get into the real flow and learn to move in it, time ceases to exist for you and you become the masters of your time - literally. Flow is the conscious creation of matter independent of space-time, in which you can feel the flow of astral force in your charismatic body. Therefore, flow can be quite openly called astral current.

Astral travelers attract money

I see an infinite number of thousand crown banknotes, flying everywhere, and they are all flying to me and to my body. Great feeling! That's exactly what I want. BOOM… they gave me 1000 EUR!


A few minutes ago, meditation came to us as the best thing we could do for ourselves, and now we think it's better to go wash the dishes. Why did a completely contradictory idea suddenly win?

What is meditation?

Thoughts gone. I can't feel the body. I hear nothing. Just empty. I just am. Meditation is a state of our being where we concentrate on only one thought.

Ritual items - yes or no?

The head spins over the descriptions of various complex rituals using the above, the strict rules (different in each book, of course), the invocation of all sorts of deities of innumerable different pantheons, and more and more actions.

My Astral Body

Get to know life independently of your material body

I want to travel astrally