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Sidris family: Astral Projection and time

In the astral realms, space and time exist in a special way. There is not only matter. As far as space is concerned, we are not limited in it by that matter, and therefore we can move freely in it. Time as such has changed here to the eternal "NOW".

Physical activity and meditation

When you run and don't think about work and family at the time, but just concentrate on your performance, it's basic meditation -> focusing on just one thought. Every performance athlete knows that if they can't, all they have to do is change their mind and at that moment they boldly continue. Thus, through thought, they influence their physical body. 

I can't wake up from a dream

If you want to consciously wake up from a dream, focus on something that is one hundred percent dreamy. Investigate it. In your last case, just those shirts. Let them draw you into a dream reality and then you will have a classic dream through which you can wake up. Or decide in a dream that you will go to sleep. So resign everything and just fall asleep. Again, you get into a state of ordinary dreams, from which it is very easy to wake up normally.

Does eating meat affect meditation?

For astral travel, meat consumption is a very individual matter. Some manage to travel astrally, even when eating meat, some only if they do not eat meat. Some travel even completely spontaneously during the day without trying harder.

My Astral Body

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