🤩 "I traveled astrally!"

Láďa performed after only 3 days, thanks to freely available materials on our website. Here is his story 🔜

Astral travelers attract money

I see an infinite number of thousand crown banknotes, flying everywhere, and they are all flying to me and to my body. Great feeling! That's exactly what I want. BOOM… they gave me 1000 EUR!

I can't wake up from a dream

If you want to consciously wake up from a dream, focus on something that is one hundred percent dreamy. Investigate it. In your last case, just those shirts. Let them draw you into a dream reality and then you will have a classic dream through which you can wake up. Or decide in a dream that you will go to sleep. So resign everything and just fall asleep. Again, you get into a state of ordinary dreams, from which it is very easy to wake up normally.

My Astral Body

Get to know life independently of your material body

I want to travel astrally