Your charisma determines the quality of your life

What are your qualities and what life situation is bringing them to life? Think about yourself right now. Write down all your qualities and start observing yourself throughout the day. This important awareness can improve our lives, but if we do not, we will remain just puppets that are dragged around the world.

We all want to live life as best we can, so let's take time just for ourselves and think about ourselves. Quality is an individual description of each individual. The sum of our qualities gives us internal integration. Thanks to their unique combination and unique way of perceiving and experiencing individual qualities, we become different from other people - we have our own unique charisma.

From the point of view of psychology, quality has many categories. These are, for example, temperament, character traits, interests, abilities, intelligence, ideals, values, habits, etc. From the point of view of the subtle, the trait itself is only a form of energy.

Quality is the first and last. These are our thoughts and our reactions to them. According to the qualities of our traits, we see and evaluate the quality of the world. The outside world has millions of forms, but for us it is the only one, and that is the one we are able to perceive through our qualities.

Beautiful and very true is the example of a glass of water that someone perceives half full and another person who at the same time looks at the same glass of water sees it half empty.

So it can be seen that only our qualities affect the way we live life. In the first place, we need physical bodies to use this world, and then we need quality traits. Only thanks to refined qualities can we experience a perfect world.

If we want to change our lives, our reality around us, the only way is to change our charisma. How big the change will be, depends only on our life goals. It may be necessary to adjust a little, but there is also the possibility that we will undergo a radical life change. The reward will then be a life that will fulfill us and will meet the rules and requirements set by us.

  1. Is it just your life how you control your own mind? Test yourself. 
  2. We are developing the charisma on the path of the Ruler of the Force. 

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