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One of the very common questions that appear in our inbox is related to the meaning of life. Sometimes these are extensive letters, other times, as from Thomas, very simply written:

Hello, I visit your website from time to time, and I am always excited, so I would like to know the meaning of life.

No need to ask more complicated questions. After all, the question is beautifully clear, only the answer may seem complicated to us.

The meaning of life is basically very simple - to be happy and to enjoy this material world, very intimately. So that every day the main activities in our life awaken in us even children's joy. It will be a completely different world for each of us, but we have one thing in common at that moment - the boundless joy of our lives.

So just find what makes you in life REALLY, but REALLY happy - just you - no one else. And it doesn't matter if it's a cat kennel, supporting your wife, drinking tea, building a big factory or setting up a non-profit organization ... it doesn't matter ... but the moment you feel a pleasant chill all over your body, just thinking about this activity, you have discovered the meaning of this momentary life. It is a path of self-knowledge ... below in the article we describe the first step - the smallest thing you can do for it.

If you would like to put yourself in the search for the meaning of life and especially its mastery and let us guide you on this path, we can offer:

- one-time cognition through regression therapy 
- a very intense journey of the Ruler of the Force.

If you want to go this route alone, I recommend starting with the instructions below and then following these exercises, where you will learn to control your mind. The next steps will be completely intuitive and obvious to you.

INSTRUCTIONS - Do we live our own ideal life?

How do I know if I live my own life?

In the daily routine cycle, we forget to stop and objectively evaluate our life situation. Maybe over the years, we discreetly get somewhere we don't like. There are inconspicuous small changes in our lives, which seemed negligible to us at the moment, but over time they accumulate and we are no longer even aware of their overall impact on our lives.

How do you know that you are living your own life? Stop and start observing. Give yourself one week to literally analyze your life.

Simply put, we live our own lives when we are happy. If we are happy and satisfied, then we live our best possible life at that moment. It doesn't matter if we work as an employee or own a multinational corporation. Whether we are free or engaged. Whether we own a cat or a dog at home. Each of us is different and has the best possible life, which can be recognized by emotions.

If you are not happy, what life are you living at that moment? Whose life do you actually live - your employer, stress, smoking, fear? Whatever it is or whoever you are, you are in control at the moment and you do not have your life firmly in your hands. Change it! Start living your best possible life!

Let's follow our feelings next week.

Feel free to stop every hour or two (you can set a recurring alarm on your phone) and ask yourself the following question: "Am I currently satisfied?" If so, continue your work. If your answer is negative, continue the analysis: “Why am I not satisfied? Is it just a momentary situation, an often recurring situation at this time, or do the feelings persist for a long time? What can I do to make me feel better now? ”

Keep a notebook with you during this week and write notes that will help you orient yourself better in the whole situation.

The whole assessment of the situation will take you from five seconds to a maximum of five minutes.

After seven days, make one hour of time just for yourself and look at your notes. Is there a recurring situation in which you are often dissatisfied? Yes? Then change it. If you want to live your life, you have to do something about it.

Sometimes you just need to change a little thing, and other times it will take more courage. For example, you are not satisfied with your apartment:

Will it help you if you paint it with a different color?
Maybe it would need different furniture?
More flowers?
What about hiring a lady for cleaning?
Are you annoyed by your neighbors? How can you make a better rapport with them? Seriously! How? No one else will do it for you.
Do you really want to move out and have your own house? Do it!

Do you already know what and how to change? CONGRATULATIONS! Go for it!

Do you already have your solution to the situation, but do not know how to achieve it? Or do you not even see the way out?

Do you lack money, courage, time? Do you have too many commitments? We have a wonderful solution for you - the Ruler of the Force.


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