Sidris Family: Communication with the deceased

A very common topic that you deal with is communication with deceased relatives. As in the case of Radka.

Help me please. Mom died suddenly, is it possible to communicate with her? Thank you.

Dear Radka, communication with your mother is possible. However, it depends on what you expect from such communication.

Therapy after the death of a loved one

You will come to our beautiful therapeutic room in Liberec, where we will take you to deep therapy, teach you mental travel, and then help you contact your mother and meet her. Mental travel is very easy and everyone will learn it in a moment, but such travel is not a "wow experience" for you. You will perceive the whole thing as a dream. But we guarantee you that it will not be a fantasy, but a real meeting with your mother. After the death of a loved one therapy can be found HERE.

Have you visited our therapies several times? Then you are already able to go much deeper:

We can't tell in advance where your mother is. She may still be in the posthumous astral realms, where she gradually discovers that she can do nothing in the material world, and thus she gives up all needs and worries, afflictions ... Someone in these realms remains months or years, others only a few minutes. It depends on personality development and the way in which the person died.

We can talk to mom very realistically - she is the same being you know, she just doesn't have her physical body. Otherwise, her charisma and ego are preserved. Here, for example, she would reveal to us even purely confidential facts, such as the number from the safe. :) If she has already left the astral realm, she is in the higher realms, where she experiences only peace and love. She just is and she is happy.

At this point, the dead usually only send reassurance and explain the life situations they experienced on earth. It is our inner essence, how we live life. Here, however, such a thing as a number from a safe lacks meaning for the deceased. There are really many factors that determine a deceased's willingness to communicate - as with living people. Each of us reacts differently, according to our mood. Sometimes we are in a bad mood and we don't want to see anyone, other times we are helpful and kind. We do not "summon" the dead in principle.

It is a great disrespect for the person in question. If we want to communicate with someone, we have to go to their world, their realm, and not forcibly summon them to our physical realms, which they, on the other hand, have to leave and move on. It would be the same as teleporting you to the North Pole in a second - you will be confused, scared, maybe upset and aggressive. Therefore, let’s treat the dead as we would like others to treat us. After the death of a loved one therapy can be found HERE.

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