Experience astral flow

There is always a limited amount of something in the material sphere - not enough space, not enough time. Today, let's focus on the lack of time. Recently, we have often come across the term "flow", which is used by entrepreneurs and managers to describe their magnificent performance, when they managed a lot of tasks in a short time.

But what if the term flow means something even more?

When you get into the real flow and learn to move in it, time ceases to exist for you and you become the masters of your time - literally. Flow is the conscious creation of matter independent of space-time, in which you can feel the flow of astral force in your charismatic body. Therefore, flow can be quite openly called astral current.

Experiences from the astral current 

All people who know this condition and can consciously get into it at any time describe the same experiences.

  • We feel the flow of energy around us - as if we were moving in water or thickening the air. We clearly feel that we are moving in a certain strong energy.
  • We perceive matter only in our private space - so there is only our own personal space (1-3 meters) and the matter we use at the moment. Everything else does not exist or is shrouded in fog.
  • While inflow, the mind goes to "higher speeds". We get to a state where all the contexts are clear to us and we can very easily find solutions to problems that we have not been able to deal with in the normal state for a long time.
  • We do not feel tired of the physical body - sometimes the physical body gently announces itself, but we ourselves intuitively feel what our body needs.
  • We do not perceive ourselves as a physical body, but we perceive the physical body as a tool for creation in matter.
  • An indescribable state of calm and clarity of mind, associated with ecstatic happiness.

Is it possible to maintain this state when communicating with others? 

Yes, it does. You only let the person in question into your realm. Although this is more difficult to maintain, because your counterpart has its own astral force and you must not be carried away by it, but with gradual practice, you will also master this ability. Interestingly, when we are in astral flow, others do not tend to communicate with us. They clearly feel that we are not firmly anchored in their reality, and they leave us room to create. So if you don't go to talk to someone by yourself, you will most likely have peace of mind in your own reality.

Time exists only in the material realm

Time, as we know and perceive it, is valid only for material reality. In the astral realm (and therefore also in the astral current), the action is limited by will, not time. The moment you let yourself be controlled by the activity you are performing, there will be a phenomenon in which you are in the present moment and in full immersion, but when you return to matter, you will find out: “Three hours have passed? It seemed like ten minutes to me. ”But on the contrary - when we control the activity and set our rules, we will act with a firm will, and when we return, the opposite will happen:“ I have achieved so much and it is only 10 in the morning.”

Astral flow in work and business

You have one disadvantage in the role of an employee - the perception of time is largely determined by your employer. You have a clear start and end to the work, and to make matters worse, a well-defined time frame for breaks. So you are controlled by time and not by creation. It's nice that in many jobs (such as programmers), employees are no longer just time-controlled. They work in large rooms, where they have all the equipment (kitchen, relaxation area), and in many companies, they already have the option of sleeping. They have a single time point - the completion date. In such a case there is already a huge potential for living in astral flow. Most entrepreneurs have certainly entered the astral current at least once in their lives. They know the state when they do not have to sleep for days and at the same time, they are full of energy and enthusiasm. They have the option of a completely independent set of their own perception of time.

What's the catch? 

In the astral stream, we are able to do only what we really want, and not the activities that our surroundings require of us. We are confident, determined, we do not waste time on anything else. We really do what we want to do. We can compare this state to absolute focus, but with great calm, ease, and sincere, vital, desired entertainment in life. Because right now I am doing an activity that I want to do in my life, which I have chosen and which really has a meaning in life. After all, in a few decades, my body will die, and if it happened right now, I would know that I am doing the best that makes sense in my life. How to practice to be able to get into the astral flow will be discussed in the next article. We also learn it in the higher stages of the Ruler of the Force journey.

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