My astral story - Journey and meeting death

Astral travel is an amazing and unimaginable out of body experience! We are excited that many participants in the astral travel workshop continued their training in the days following the seminar and sent us wonderful stories from their astral trips. One of them is here for you to read. Sit comfortably and let yourself be drawn into the astral story.

Hi Jindra and Terezka, this is Sarka - I ascended astrally!

Just for introduction - I live in a cottage in the forest, which we call our "log cabin" and has two floors (the ground floor, where we do everything, and the attic, just for sleeping). My boyfriend, who shares a bed with me, doesn't try astral travel. But he has nothing against it.

The evening before the experience, I was called by a participant in the astral travel course, and we talked about the course and our trips and experiences for at least half an hour. This revived my memory of the course, and after the call I felt pretty charged. Then I thought of going to meditate (I managed to keep three thoughts at once, which I didn't even know was possible. Sidris says 300 can be kept in astral!) But my friend disturbed me by watching a movie and so I had no choice but to go to meditate in my bed ... And as is my bad habit, I was napping pretty soon (the bed was tempting me to do it!). So when I went to bed about an hour later I was relaxed and exceptionally I couldn't sleep. And that was the real opportunity to try to ascend!

Awareness of your will and relaxation of the body

I threw myself at it, but my body annoyed me, tickled, pushed and complained that it did not want to lie on its back, and here was the memory of a cup of water exercise! In short, I held it to the point where the body gave up, and in a moment I had it relaxed so that my hands and face began to disengage - just like on course.

Astral ascent

My hands seemed to be twisted in a spiral so that I couldn't tell if they were in or out, and my mouth opened wide and my tongue stuck out even though I could feel my lips closed. Then I tried to sit astrally, but adrenaline didn't let me go. So I tried to roll over on my left side, which I did during the course, but now it didn't work either. So I tried to put on a spinning purple hoop (which worked for me best at the course, great method!) and I felt something was happening. I tried it several times until something really happened. Something rolled me to my right side (like the wind), and immediately I felt myself standing on the floor with my eyes open in front of me. The whole transition was sudden but subtle.

First steps in the astral world

And the first thing that caught my eye was a large mirror that was a short distance from the bed (it was visible even though I knew it was dark - it was like a gloom). I was immediately curious to see what I looked like - would I see anything? Or some tuft of light? And why do they say somewhere that they should not look in the mirror in such circumstances and what is scary about it? - And I was already standing by the mirror looking at the slightly blurry, flickering face of a woman I hadn't known (plus she had a bun that I don't normally wear). And it really scared me a bit, but not so much that I wanted to end up in my body again - I quickly stopped looking there and walked to the window.

Sidris Note: In our astral bodies we do not necessarily hold the shape of our material body. Over time, it will be up to you to determine the shape.

I looked out the window and thought that I could actually walk through the wall, so I took two steps through and it parted as if someone was projecting it into space. I stood on some ledge outside the wall, leaning down from the second floor, feeling the fresh night outdoor breeze, and I was happy about it. Then I glanced toward Mount Key (in the Luzicky Mountains), where I promised myself in the daytime that I would look when I got out of the body.

Sidris Note: All astral experiences are more real than the experience in matter itself! It is a unique knowledge of our consciousness and independence from matter.

But I was afraid - all alone, in such a new situation! And what did I want to do there?

I was wondering what I was going to do now, but because of fear I decided that I might have to stay in the cabin.

I found myself on the lower floor at the door (and here, according to Sidris and Terezka, I got to the higher astral, where one can consciously or unconsciously create something).

Higher astral spheres

Sidris Note: There are more higher spheres we are going through. Here we transform the astral worlds, which is very practical for the subsequent influence of matter. We meet other beings and are able to go to higher realms, which are initially perceived as black space, where there are no shapes yet, but we have the opportunity to create them by our will. We can go much further, next time more about that  … 

Suddenly I saw my friend coming down the stairs, and I immediately thought: Probably going to the bathroom! So I have to determine if he is able to see or hear me and I would try to touch him! (I was very pleased to have such an opportunity to try it! :-)) I stepped in front of him and he looked through me as if he really couldn't see me, but then he looked me in the eye, grabbed my shoulder and squeezed and then he hugged me tight. I wondered in astonishment, “How come you can see me? And why are you holding me? I am totally out of the body! ”And he laughed joyfully and said,“ I am out of the body too! I just succeeded! ”. And then we were enjoying ourselves outside the cabin and running around the garden. And I was no longer afraid and asked, "What do we do now?" "Let's go somewhere and look around!", my boyfriend said. And I joyfully called "to Corsica!" - this is our beloved place where we have been many times and in different seasons. (According to Terezka, it is one of the options that I could use to make my boyfriend feel safer - and that explains why he didn't know anything about it the next morning, but more likely my boyfriend, same as other people traveled astrally spontaneously during sleep which they don't recall in the morning).

And then we found ourselves in a forest, it seemed to me that it was daytime, but there was a half-light like in a log cabin - probably from trees, and a stream flowed there - but I think it wasn't Corsica. In the creek I was attracted to fish that were as colorful as coral sea fish. I picked up one with a yellow stripe in my hands and looked at it. I was amazed at what the fish in the forest stream was doing, and I tasted the taste of the water. It was semi-salty as if the stream was pouring into the nearby sea, and the water was mixing (salty with sweet). There were only two streams nearby, but I couldn't see the sea.

Then I noticed that there were strangers around and there were quite a lot of them. They looked a bit like tourists, but I understood that they were as out of the body as we are and that they came there to meet. Some engaged in various activities - I was intrigued by the lady who painted Easter eggs. I was surprised and she explained that just as we could not take any things from here to the normal world, we could not take anything from the normal world here. And so they have to make everything they want to have here, and she, because she likes Easter eggs, comes here to paint. This activity impressed me with a daunting impression, it seemed to be completely needless to spend time here making some items, when one has to do it in everyday life. (According to Sidris, they were dead people who remained trapped there in their usual business, which they did not intend to give up even after death.)

Then I noticed the tall old white-haired and white-bearded skinny dreadlock who stood at the confluence of the streams and I caught his message without saying that he was here for the two of us and that he had something important to say or give us. But my friend treated him completely dismissively, ignoring him, and he was probably offended and went away. He looked back, and I caught another message that we would have to come back to him again if we wanted to know.

Return to matter

And then I returned to my body and found it was time to turn sideways for my body position. I was hoping to continue the experience after turning, but then I fell asleep and the experience was over.

It was really interesting that during the experience I returned from outside the body to the body every moment and only discreetly checked how it was and my experience was not interrupted at all. I was deliberately going to the body because I was afraid of forgetting everything after waking up, so I always woke up a little to save every bit of the action consciously. I also wondered whether I was crazy about doing something for at least an hour or two and being totally sleepy in the morning! But as I recognized, my body was really asleep, and when I woke up I was fresh and full of sleep and thought that this really extends life, that it is possible to consciously live even during sleep - and that was a wonderful feeling!

I know it from my childhood

When Jindra Sidris congratulated me later, he asked what it was like, now that I really knew that person is not just a body, but that we can exist outside our bodies. And I said that this knowledge is not new to me, because I had an out of the body experience when I was 7 years old when I was saved from a high-temperature fever in the hospital, and since then I have had this knowledge, it can never be lost. But everything else was new to me - that one can really consciously get out of the body without the risk of death, and that this state can be consciously controlled and trained in it. Actually, I found myself on the verge of a whole new world and I would like to explore it a little (or more)! :-)

and… the next night I literally experienced a struggle for out of the body journey, but except for my hands, the rest of my body wouldn't let me go anywhere… I had half a bag of so I wouldn't sleep because you Sidris, yesterday told me I could do it again tonight. And imagine, I really didn't sleep at all, and from bedtime to alarm, I kept trying to get out of my body and didn't give up for a moment. Astral travel is amazing and you showed me how to do it at the Astral Travel Workshop!

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